Edward Winter attacks Sam Sloan in Chess Life

I have not seen it but I am told that in Chess Life, October 2001, page 7, there is an article by Winter saying that my statements are false.

I usually keep all my papers, but my brother had my mother's house confiscated in 1994 and inside that house were the papers filed by Winter in Dubai 1986 plus translations into several languages.

Does anybody still have an old copy? I would like to be able to produce the proof that Winter is lying.

Winter had been attacking Keene's books. The gist of Winter's complaints were that Keene wrote opening books, whereas Winter wanted more books on chess history. Winter's complaint had been made to Batsford Books. Keene replied on behalf of Batsford. Winter then complained to FIDE against Keene.

I do not remember how many pages there were. I just wrote Keene and he replied that he no longer has it. I replied to Keene that I bet his old friend David Levy still has a copy.

I would be willing to bet that the so-called "background material" consisted of more attacks by Winter against Keene.

This matter was extensively debated at the 1986 FIDE Congress in Dubai. It is important to remember that Lucena who was backed by Keene was running against Campomanes, so Campomanes was willing to do anything to embarass Keene.

Finally, after lengthy argument, Levy got Winter's complaint against Keene dismissed. Not even one FIDE delegate supported Winter's Complaint.

Sam Sloan

Here is the Exchange of words between Edward Winter and GM Larry Evans.

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