Does the University of Pittsburgh chess archives website still accept uploads?

I just updated one of my databases of chess games and I tried to upload it to the University of Pittsburgh chess archives web site at

However, I was unable to upload. The FTP site at group/student-activities/chess no longer accepts uploads.

I then tried to e-mail Doug Attig who has been maintaining the University of Pittsburgh chess site. His e-mail address bounced. I do not see any postings by him to the chess newsgroups since November 2000.

Paul Onstad, a major contributor of utilities to the University of Pittsburgh chess site, died recently.

Since I cannot upload my files, I have left them temporarily on my website at the following addresses:

This is a file containing 729 games played no later than 1995. Although the majority are my own games, I have a lot of previously unpublished games by future grandmasters. I have games from the 1974 and 1976 World Opens which were supposed to have been published in a book which never came out. I have games from the Asian Arab Championships and Asian Team Championships which were played while I was living in Abu Dhabi. I have a number of games by Anand before he became a grandmaster. None of these games have ever been published, except to the extent that I have posted them.

These same games have previously been on the University of Pittsburgh website under the file names and . What I have done here is convert them to ChessBase 7.0 format and bring up to date the PGN format. I have also corrected some errors.

I also have the following files. There are games played or collected more recently:

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