Chitrali Brezhayu - My former Sister-in-Law in Chitral

This was my first sister-in-law in Chitral holding her baby.

The baby subsequently died. In fact, this woman had four babies, and three of them died.

She was the wife of Salah-ud-Din and her situation was typical. With no doctors and medical facilities, about half of the babies died.
Chitrali Brezhayu - My Former Sister-in-Law in Chitral

My other sister-in-law in Moroy, Chitral was the wife of Amin-ud-Din. She had a child, a very cute and attractive blond haired little girl, about three years old. I used to watch her as she sat next to her mother, imitating her mother's every move. As her mother sat in front of a pot washing cloths, the little girl sat in front of her own pot washing cloths as well.

When I returned to Chitral one year later, that little girl had died. That child had been perfectly, absolutely healthy when I last saw her, but now she was gone.

These events affected my personal situation. Two years later, when my daughter Shamema was born in America, Aziz and his Pakistani allies, including Raja Ehsan Aziz, wanted to have Honzagool and the newborn infant Shamema taken to Chitral. I knew from experience that if Shamema was taken to Chitral, there was a 50-50 chance that she would die. As a result, I fought against Aziz in court and I was ultimately able to prevent my daughter from being taken to Pakistan.

In 1983, Raja Ehsan Aziz came to Chitral. He went to the Bar Association of Chitral and told the lawyers assembled there that I had slandered the good name of Pakistan by claiming that half of the babies died in Chitral. Raja expected that the lawyers would want firm action taken against me.

Instead, the lawyers said to Raja, "If you would sent us some doctors, that would not happen in Chitral".

Each of the lawyers then recounted that in their own houses babies had died.

My efforts to prevent my infant daughter from being taken to Chitral, where childhood diseases were rampant, ultimately led to a situation where Charles and Shelby Roberts, fundamentalist Christians, were able to kidnap my daughter, Shamema.

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