George DeFeis appears on TV Talk Shows

I understand that George DeFeis has appeared on the Jay Leno Show and on TV Talk Shows regarding drug testing of chess players.

I object to this, especially since DeFeis is in favor of drug testing of chess players. George DeFeis is not a chess player, has never been and never will be. He does not represent chess players and cannot speak for them. He has made us a world's laughing stock by coming out in favor of drug testing of chess players.

George DeFeis happens to have been hired to be Executive Director of the United States Chess Federation. That does not give him the right to represent us or to make statements in our behalf.

It would have been much more appropriate to have John McCrary, the newly elected President of the USCF, appear as a spokesman for the USCF and chess players in general.

If George DeFeis appeared on these TV Talk Shows without first receiving express permission from the Executive Board of the USCF, I believe that he should be fired immediately.

Sam Sloan

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