Loomis Out, DeFeis still in

Word has leaked out that Jeff Loomis was fired at the USCF Executive Board meeting on October 27 last weekend, but that George DeFeis was given a reprieve from execution and is still there.

I am disappointed at this result. I feel that exactly the opposite should have happened. I feel that George DeFeis has proven himself to be an utterly worthless person, who is willing to do anything as long as it does not involve him doing any work. For example, he was hired to upgrade the computer system and to run the books and equipment business. He has done neither but instead wants to give away the books and equipment business.

I liked Loomis, because at least you could get an answer out of him, whereas if you asked DeFeis even the simplest question, he would smile broadly and talk around it, without ever answering.

For example, at Framingham delegates meeting, I asked Loomis what was the overall loss of the USCF during the 2000-2001 fiscal year. He answered immediately that the loss was $157,000.

If you asked DeFeis a question such as how much have we paid or will be paying to Games Parlor, you never got an answer.

One reason in my opinion that Loomis was fired was that chess politicos came to dislike him while he was working under the previous board and under Jim Pechac. I now believe that Pechac is really a moron. I previously believed that Pechac's slow and careful speech and precise use of words indicated a thoughtful, concerned person. I now think that he was just stupid. He never gave a concrete answer to any question. I cannot understand how he ever got a chess rating.

If you ask Pechac even the most simple yes or no question, he will give a long boring talk in monotone and put you to sleep, but if you manage to wake up you will realize that he never answered the question.

DeFeis has proven himself to be an utterly worthless and lazy person. Can you name even one constructive thing he has done during his two years as executive director? I do not think you can.

Sam Sloan

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