Early Returns Show Mark Green Well Ahead

Although the polls have shown the race as too close to call, the results in thus far show Mark Green holding a commanding lead of 10% over Bloomberg.

This is good news for the large number of New Yorkers who have chafed under the repressive dictatorship of Mayor Giuliani.

For example, it can be just about guaranteed that under Green all nine of the Commissioners of the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission will lose their jobs. The Taxi and Limousine Commission is a corrupt agency that has stolen millions of dollars from New York's long suffering taxi drivers. It is to be anticipated that the Commissioners themselves will probably quickly resign and move to other states or countries before they can be served with legal process, because they will without doubt otherwise all be spending many years in prison as soon as the full range of their criminal activities becomes known.
Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Mayor Giuliani has gone completely mad and needs to be hospitalized

The Commissioners were without doubt counting on Bloomberg to win. Although his position on the TLC is unknown, Bloomberg was obviously much more likely to allow the commissioners to remain in power.

Giuliani can be counted on to retire quickly to the Bahamas or some third world country such as Afghanistan, because the crimes committed by this mayor are too numerous and well known for him to escape criminal prosecution. Examples are his order to the police to launch a baton charge on a group of several thousand lawfully assembled black people in Marcus Garvey Park a few years ago. Many police officers and law-abiding citizens were seriously injured in this baton charge, although nobody was killed. Another example is that 65% of all young black men reported to having been stopped, handcuffed and searched by New York City's Police. Again, it was not the police that wanted to do this. This was ordered by Mayor Giuliani, who said that since 65% of all crimes are committed by young black men, it was appropriate to randomly stop and search 65% of them.

During his first term as mayor, Giuliani was well-liked and popular. However, after winning re-election, and knowing that because of term limits, that would be his last term in office, his true character came out. Before long, he because known in NYC publications as "The Midtown Mussolini" and "Hitler on the Hudson".

Giuliani got a lucky break on 9/11 when the World Trade Center was attacked. That gave him the opportunity to appear on the hourly news updates appearing to be really upset at the loss of life and basking in the glory that his efforts alone caused the suffering to be alleviated.

As a result, many people forgot the criminal acts committed by Giuliani during his last four years as mayor. There was a real chance that his selected candidate might win.

Sam Sloan

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