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At the USCF Executive Board meeting in Seattle October 6-8, 2000, the board passed a motion to award all chess players rated under 2000 at the start of a tournament two points per game, for players with three games or more in a tournament.

The board explained that this would not cause rating inflation, because only players rated below 2000 would be affected.
Our Great Leader, Tim Redman
Our Great Leader, Tim Redman

This idea is so stupid that I am surprised that they are not laughed out of the groups.

For example, Robert Smeltzer of Dallas, Texas played more than 2400 USCF rated tournament games in one year:

Proponents of fiddle points say that his rating will not rise to 6400 in the next year (which is 2400 times two plus his present rating of 1600) because, as fast as he gains fiddle points, he will lose them back to other players.

However, this argument overlooks the fact that for each two fiddle points Robert Smeltzer gets, his opponent will also get two fiddle points.

Therefore, both of their ratings will rise, just as a high tide raises all boats.

Since players rated over 2000 regularly beat players like Robert Smeltzer, they are the ones who will eventually grab all the points. More importantly, players rated over 2000 are relatively few in number, so the large number of fiddle points awarded to the low rated players will quickly be captured by the few high rated players.

As an example of what will happen, take a bag of horse manure which is wide at the bottom but narrow at the top.

Squeeze the bottom just a little bit and what do you have: A gusher squirting out from the top.

Somebody should do a computer simulation to see how long it will take for this to happen. It will not take years. It will only take a few weeks.

Unless this policy is quickly changed, you will see active players like International Master Jay Bonin having ratings like 3200 or 3400. Jay Bonin is currently rated 2413 and has played as many as 600 USCF rated tournament games in one year.

These points will not "trickle up" as some have claimed. In a matter of weeks, not months, they will squirt up like a geyser.

Sam Sloan

PS I am packing my bags. I am on my way to the World Chess Olympiad in Istanbul, Turkey, where I will be first board. Seirawan will be playing second board.

Actually, that last part was my poor effort at a joke.

I am not playing first board, not even for Rwanda.

I really am going to the World Chess Olympiad in Istanbul, however.

Seirawan will be playing board two for the USA.

Sam Sloan

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