Tom Dorsch continues to attack Sam Sloan

Today, Tom Dorsch posted the following on the newsgroups: soc.culture.israel, soc.culture.china, soc.culture.korean . He did not however post it on

On 17 Oct 2000 02:44:57 GMT, in soc.culture.israel (TOMDORSCH) wrote:

>Sam Sloan is a convicted felon who has spent years in
>prison and has a long history of mental problems.
>If he contacts you seeking money, please call the
>District Attorney in Brooklyn, New York, and report
>the circumstances.
>Regards, Tom
>Tom Dorsch
>USCF Treasurer
>8/96-12/96; 8/97-8/99

Tom Dorsch does not only hurt me by continuing to do this. He hurts himself and he hurts the United States Chess Federation.

To set the record straight, I do not have a history of mental problems and I have not spent years in prison. I have only been convicted once in my life of anything. I spent about 19 months in Virginia prison from August, 1992 until March, 1994, which is less than two years.

What I was charged with was trying to kidnap my own daughter back. My daughter had been kidnapped from my care and custody by Charles and Shelby Roberts, followers of Jerry Falwell, on October 7, 1990. The Roberts had paid $40,000 to professional kidnappers to kidnap my daughter.

Their sole reason for doing this was religion. The Roberts are fanatical Fundamentalist Christians. They wanted my daughter to be a Christian, too.

My wife, the mother of my daughter, had nothing to do with this kidnapping. The Roberts are just as hostile to her as they are to me, because she is a devout Muslim, and the Roberts hate Muslims.

My brother, Creighton Wesley Sloan, was involved in the kidnapping. My brother actually hired the kidnappers and then got Charles and Shelby Roberts to pay the bill.

Yesterday, somebody wrote me an e-mail asking me why I dislike Tom Dorsch.

I do not dislike Tom Dorsch. However, he keeps attacking me for reasons unknown to me and I have no choice but to defend myself. Here is the answer I wrote back:

"Regarding Tom Dorsch, it is not that I do not like him. The problem is that he attacks me all the time. He even says that I am gay, in the public newsgroups which are read by thousands. (I am not gay.)

"I have no idea why Tom does this. He abruptly started attacking me in November 1998 and I have no idea what triggered this, as we were on friendly terms up until then."

Sam Sloan

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