It's Out: The Bobby Fischer Story appears today !!

The story I have been talking about all week, which identifies the real father of Bobby Fischer, is published today in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The article is entitled "Files reveal how FBI hounded chess king".

"He was the ultimate cold warrior, humbling the mighty Soviet chess establishment through his own genius and a pounding ambition to be the greatest player in the world."
Front Page story in the Philadelphia Inquirer
Front Page Story in the Philadelphia Inquirer

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The article identifies the real father of Bobby Fischer as Paul Nemenyi, a Hungarian physicist who specialized in fluid mechanics, a science applied to everything from blood flow to jet design, and a college mathematics teacher. Nemenyi has been identified elsewhere as a physicist who was in Chicago in 1942 working on the Manhattan Project to develop the first nuclear bomb. He died in 1952.

Paul Nemenyi was a research scientist who worked on the development of the Atomic Bomb in the Manhattan Project at the University of Chicago. He worked on the mechanism which triggered the bomb. His work remains classified and little is known about the work he did or about the circumstances of his death.

I knew that this article was going to be published because the Philadelphia Inquirer called me last week because they were Searching for Bobby Fischer and also because my website has long correctly stated that Hans Gerhardt Fischer was not the real father of Bobby Fischer.

I knew that Fischer would never speak to the press, but at least he cannot say that efforts were not made to speak to him prior to publication of the article. I tried to reach him because I was afraid that if he could not be reached, the article would be killed.

The Philadelphia Inquirer is owned by Knight Ridder Publications, which publishes 32 newspapers including the Miami Herald, the Detroit Free Press and the San Jose Mercury News. This story may appear eventually in all 32 newspapers.

Sam Sloan

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