Images of Players in the FIDE World Championship

Here are pictures of 73 of the players in the recently concluded FIDE World Championship. All of these photos are from the FIDE web site,, which contains the following notice:

"Here, find the pictures taken during the Championship. You can use any of these pictures with a mandatory reference to the copyright owner, FIDE COMMERCE PLC., and a hyperlink to".
The former FIDE President, His Excellency Florencio Campomanes, with his courtiers, Omuku on the left and Willy Iclicki on the right

Note that 27 players are missing, including two who had visa problems and did not reach the tournament.

The players whose photos are missing are Al-Modiahki, Almasi, Andersson, Aronian, Bagheri, Bauer, Bouaziz, Djuric, Feldman, Hakki, Ivanchuk, Kobalija, Kotsur, Kozak, Lautier, Leitao, Liang, Magem, Miles, Nisipeanu, Ponomariov, Psakhis, Ricardi, A. Rodriguez, Stefansson, Timman and Zvjaginsev.

Warning! These pictures altogether come to more than 800K, so if your computer is short of memory, better back out now.

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