I remembered my past when I was a child. My elders were pointing towards a house across River Chitral and told me about it. The house was only a few furlongs away but due to River Chitral it was not possible for me to go there. There was not any bridge between my village Kalkathak and Damik.

When I grew up the story had become very old. Although I had been meeting many of its characters, I did not dare ask any question about it. Aminur Rehman Choughtai was my teacher. I met Mr. Aziz so many times. The two identical twin brothers of Honzagool were well known football players. The story was a great shock for them but no one of them liked to talk about it.

By visiting the Website I recalled those days in which every one wanted to know about and it had became famous all over Chitral. But the story to which we used to listen was completely different from it. In that story you were accused and considered responsible for a fraud. It was said that you had shown yourself Muslim only to marry the girl and when you reached America you began un-Islamic work. So Honzagool decided separation from you.

But at this stage I don't know which story is correct. Neither here in Karachi is any person available to give me reasonable information for analysis. I have to go to Chitral to collect facts about it.

You have written it as only a story. Most of the things are imaginary. Most of the things which I know are untrue. But I consider it not a story. It is fact and part of the History of Chitral. All of the characters are alive.

It has a great lesson for those who are giving their innocent children to foreigners without knowing their nature and for those who marry in Chitral without knowing its culture.

I and many other Chitralis want to know the facts. All characters should tell us the truth.

Sorry for taking your time and wish response.


fakhruddin din

Here is the Pakistan Passport of Honzagool: Honzagool's Passport

Here is Honzagool's Green Card

Here is the Wanted Card for Honzagool's cousin, Aziz-ur-Rehman

Here is a Photo of Honzagool

Charles and Shelby Roberts are Wanted for the Kidnapping of Honzagool's daughter, Shamema.

Here is Page one of the BMUMO letter and the full text.

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