Who is Sam?

You are asking who I am. Kevin Lewis already knows who I am, so I will answer the others.

I am married, with eight children. One of my daughters is in Lynchburg right now. I grew up in Lynchburg, Virginia. I graduated from EC Glass High School in Lynchburg in 1962. I scored 800 (a perfect score) in my math college boards and I was a winner in the Virginia Science Talent Search. I won both the math and the science awards in my high school graduation class. I went to the University of California at Berkeley, majoring in math.
Sam Sloan
Sam Sloan

My family was the most distinguished family in Lynchburg. My farther was a lawyer; my mother was a doctor. Starting in 1953, my mother was the psychiatrist director of the Lynchburg Guidance Center at 1010 Miller Park Square, a predecessor to Central Virginia Community Mental Health. My mother was also on the staff of both the Lynchburg General Hospital and the Virginia Baptist Hospital. My father specialized in income tax law and was an auditor with the Internal Revenue Service in Lynchburg.

My father died in Lynchburg on January 19, 1986. Everybody liked my father and I was shocked and surprised when, like a flock of vultures, a gang of Lynchburg Lawyers surrounded us to try to grab my father's estate.

I soon realized the reason: The lawyers believed that our family had great wealth. My father was a heavy drinker. He was often drunk. When he got drunk, he would tell the story about the $50 million dollars. According to this story, his father, Howard Creighton Sloan, had a relationship with Alfred P. Sloan, Chairman of General Motors Corporation and one of the world's richest men. As a result, my grandfather had obtained a large block of General Motors stock in 1913 at twenty-five cents per share. Since then, the stock had increased greatly in value and, with splits and reinvested dividends, was now worth $50 million dollars. This money had been placed in trust and would not become available until after my father died.

This was all very wonderful, except that the story was completely untrue. My grandfather had no known connection with Alfred P. Sloan. He died destitute without funds and there was no money even for a proper burial. It is only within the past few months that I have been able to find out where and when my grandfather died and where he is buried. No obituary of him was published in the Chicago newspapers, even though he lived in Chicago for most of his life, and there was no probate case over his estate.

Nevertheless, my father's closest friends believed the story about the $50 million dollars. My father's best friend, Howell Robinson, believed it, as did my father's lady friend, Alma Coates Dawson, who married my father essentially on his death bed while he was attached to life support equipment, in the belief that he had this $50 million dollars. Her lawyers, the law firm of Pendleton & Gamble, believed it too. I know this because three days after my father had died, Michael Garrett, a junior partner in that firm, called me and asked me to reveal the location of the $50 million dollars so that he could claim it for the firm's client, Alma Coates Dawson, who now calls herself Alma Sloan.

Subsequently, this firm filed a lawsuit to get the $50 million and also to get my mother's house at 917 Old Trent's Ferry Road in Lynchburg. That is one of the cases which is still pending in the Lynchburg Circuit Court. The defendants are my mother and myself. They claim that we are hiding the $50 million dollars. I only wish that it were true.

Subsequently, in 1991, Michael Gamble of the law firm of Pendleton & Gamble was appointed as a circuit judge and immediately made himself the judge over all of my cases. I objected and demanded that he be disqualified under conflict of interest rules, but he refused to remove himself and the Virginia Supreme Court refused to remove him too, so the situation still is that the opposing lawyer is also the judge over these cases. Meanwhile, Don Pendleton has died, but the underlying case, Alma Sloan vs. Helen Marjorie Sloan, is still pending in Lynchburg Circuit Court.

Once we realized that these Lynchburg lawyers were going to keep attacking our family in the mistaken belief that we were hiding $50 million dollars, we fled the state and finally the country in 1986. They tracked us down. Repeated efforts were made over the next four years to kidnap my mother and my children, to get this money. Finally, my mother was kidnapped in Bangkok, Thailand on September 3, 1990 and three of my children were kidnapped in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates on October 7, 1990.

The main persons involved in these kidnappings were law partners Lawrence Janow and Michael Gamble plus Bill Petty and Frank Davidson III, all of Lynchburg. I have been trying ever since to have them arrested, prosecuted and sentenced to long prison sentences for their crimes. My mother was held prisoner through their efforts, until she died last year on May 16, 2002 at age 92.

There is no doubt that Lawrence Janow, Michael Gamble, Bill Petty and Frank Davidson III would like to see me dead, if they could figure out a way to do it. They keep calling the FBI and trying to have me arrested and extradited to Lynchburg. I avoid them by trying to stay from Lynchburg.

Meanwhile, it is my hope and dream some day to see Lawrence Janow, Michael Gamble, Bill Petty and Frank Davidson III in prison where they belong. I keep hoping that political change will come to Virginia which will make possible the arrest of these hard core criminals. I have one long term advantage: There is no statute of limitations for kidnapping, and all four of them are guilty of that. I will never rest until I see them in prison.

I created this e-mail group on January 15, 2002. I had already created a list of names and addresses of about 300 people who live in Lynchburg, and I had sent them all mailings about this subject. Over the next two months, I created this list from those names. I also browsed AOL and Yahoo for names of people who said that they lived in Lynchburg or were interested in news from Lynchburg, or who lived in Forest or Rustburg. I also looked for students in Liberty University.

Since March, 2002, I have not added any names to this list. Everybody who has joined since then probably found it by browsing the Yahoo Groups. Some people dropped out but about an equal number have joined, so the number of list members has remained steady at about 300 for the past year.

Unfortunately, lately this list has become a target for Purveyors of Porn. Every list has this problem, not only this one. I watch the list and try to stop these pornsters from coming in. However, I cannot watch all the time. I have to sleep sometimes, too. Typically they will join the list and immediately thereafter send out some porn. I try to ban them from the list before they have a chance to send out the porn. It is a race. I can usually tell what they are by their names. For example, if the member has a name like hotfarmgirl, it is a safe guess that the new member is about to send out some porn. Everybody like that is immediately banned from this list and their porn is deleted from the archives.

Here are some examples of names I have banned from this list recently:

bigboobedbabe6915 Banned by Samson
hayloftgirl10 Banned by Samson
flowermymound7 Banned by samhsloan
Banned by Samhsloan
beach_blanket_babe1 Banned by Samhsloan
bi_ashley_011 Banned by Samhsloan
lv2takeit_intheass3 Banned by Samson
monicahotazz14 Banned by samhsloan

Altogether, I have banned more than 100 names from this list. However, they keep coming. This is risky. Nowadays, a lot of high school girls, especially in Amherst High School, think it is cool to have a screen name like that, so the danger is that I might ban somebody who legitimately belongs on this list.

For example, somehow LustBunie@aol.com snuck in without my noticing. I would have banned her right away, but she turns out to be a real person who lives in Lynchburg.

Does that answer your questions?

Sam Sloan

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