Order appointing Frank G. Davidson as Guardian ad litem for Helen Marjorie Sloan

In one of the most outrageous acts ever perpetrated by any court anywhere, on August 22, 1992, the Lynchburg Circuit Court appointed Frank G. Davidson III as "guardian ad litem" for my mother, Helen Marjorie Sloan.

But Frank G. Davidson was the attorney for Charles and Shelby Roberts. Frank G. Davidson III had started all the frivolous litigation to get custody of Shamema away from her parents and had been involved in the ultimately successful efforts by Charles Roberts to kidnap Shamema Honzagool Sloan. See http://www.anusha.com/janowdoc.htm.

In 1989, Helen Marjorie Sloan filed a lawsuit against Frank G. Davidson III. See http://www.anusha.com/momssuit.htm.

The purpose of all this litigation against the Sloan Family has been to get at the financial assets of Dr. Marjorie Sloan. Therefore, appointing Frank G. Davidson III as her guardian ad litem was like appointing the fox to guard the henhouse. Davidson was appointed simply because no other lawyer would have agreed to such an obviously illegal act.

In addition to that, Creighton Wesley Sloan was not the court appointed guardian of Helen Marjorie Sloan. The entire suit was fraudulent.

Needless to say, Frank G. Davidson did not defend the case. He agreed to a sale of the house of Helen Marjorie Sloan located at 917 Old Trent's Ferry Road for the paltry sum of $75,000, almost all of which went to pay attorney's fees and moving and storage expenses. The house was one of the most beautiful houses in Lynchburg and was in the best neighborhood where all the rich people live. It was a beautiful California-style split level house which my mother had personally designed and built. It was easily worth $150,000 at that time and would be worth more than $300,000 today.

I suggest that everyone go out and look at the house at 917 Old Trent's Ferry Road and see for yourself that in no way could that house be worth only $75,000. The house was simply stolen and all of the people involved, especially Frank G. Davidson III and Judge Michael Gamble, are criminals.

Cecil Taylor died on 19 December 1996. All the money is gone or disappeared. Not one penny every reached Dr. Marjorie Sloan or her family members. Dr. Marjorie Sloan is still alive at age 90.

Order appointing Frank G. Davidson as Guardian ad litem for Helen Marjorie Sloan
Order appointing Frank G. Davidson as Guardian ad litem for Helen Marjorie Sloan

Book 57 Page 336



of Helen Marjorie Sloan,







CASE NO. 91016681

It appearing to the Court that Helen Marjorie Sloan, one of the defendants herein, is a person under a disability, the Court does appoint Frank G. Davidson, III, a discreet and competent attorney at law, as guardian ad litem to said defendant, Helen Marjorie Sloan

Mosby G. Perrow

DATE: June 22, 1992

We ask for this:

Cecil W. Taylor, of counsel for
the plaintiff, Creighton Wesley
Sloan, Guardian of Helen
Marjorie Sloan

1-C C.W.T.

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