The New Windsor Evil

Here is a statement from an average chess player (me), regarding the current state of affairs in the USCF.

As a Northern California chess player, I remember first hearing about Mr. Dorsch going to join the gang in New Windsor, and I was very pleased. Since then, my naive belief that chess players have class and were basically good honest people has been both cruelly crushed and shattered. Mr. Dorsch's attitude and behavior since becoming Treasurer has been reprehensible. I am not going to get into all the sordid details, since almost anyone who is a regular reader of rgcp, has heard more than enough to make up their own mind whether this is true or not. However, I think several of Mr. Dorsch's actions are worth mentioning. First, Mr. Dorsch has been a closet supporter of Stan Vaughan, and it is high time he was outed. I still have not received an answer as to why Vaughan is still a member of the USCF, in good standing, despite my repeated pleas, which have fallen upon deaf ears. Second, Mr. Dorsch's war with Mike Cavello. Mr. Cavello is the best thing to happen to the USCF since Fischer went to Iceland. Everybody seems to know this except Mr. Dorsch. Particularly irritating, is the recent PB meeting, where Mr. Dorsch withheld e-mail addresses and phone numbers of the Northern California voting members!

OK, so today I receive a very well written letter from Lynne Babcock, mentioning that Mr. Dorsch referred to Cavello as, "Tiny Tim." This is absolutely outrageous, and entirely believable given all the other nauseating comments Mr. Dorsch has posted in the last year that I have been reading the posts at rgcp. The letter goes on to say Dorsch accused the VP (I assume Goichberg) of being a criminal, again believable because I remember him calling others the same thing.

Mr. Dorsch is nothing but an agitator, who seems to get his jollies by creating controversies, and then arguing until the cows come home. He is the type of guy, that if you were arguing with him and then, started to agree with him, he would turn around and start arguing the opposite position! He just likes to yell and scream for its own sake.

"Now is the time to put the USCF back on track," says Mr. Dorsch.

I say take your own excellent advice and resign, Mr. Dorsch.


Duncan Russell Oxley
3135 Marina Dr. Apt. R
Marina, California 93933

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