Apology to Tim Redman

Dear Tim Redman,

Today, I managed to locate your campaign letter, digging it out from the boxes I used to move to my new address.

I wish to apologize for my pervious statement that your letter does not discuss the issues. I just re-read your letter and it clearly does discuss the issues. Your letter is also quite well written.

I believe that the reason I felt on first reading that it did not discuss the issues was that I read it while the policy board debates were going on. My concentration was divided. That was not the ideal time to be reading.

Your letter actually paralleled what was being discussed at the policy board meeting. Obviously, you must have known substantially what was going to be discussed. Of course, the points you made in your letter were points on which almost everyone will agree, but that is a politicians job, to write things with which the voters will agree.

However, there are quite a few hard questions I would like to ask you. Your letter speaks in glowing terms of Tom Dorsch and his great contribution to the USCF. I would like, among many other things, for you to expand on that subject a bit more.

I have a bunch of other questions I would like to ask you, all of which pertain directly to your letter, if you would be receptive.

Sincerely Yours,

Sam Sloan

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