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Your questions are all very good, and in most cases I do not know the answer.

The problems with the US Shogi Championship are very real. There are no jokes there. There also seems to be no movement or change. All the Americans agree with me but the Japanese are ignoring this.

I am not aware of any other candidates who support OMOV. Someone suggested that Doris Barry might, but she has not said anything. Dorsch, Warren, Redman, Camaratta and most of the others are on record as opposing OMOV. We can always hope that someone will change their mind. Remember that Goichberg and Schultz used to be opposed to OMOV, but now they are in favor.

As to why nobody else publicly supports OMOV, obviously the reason is that the voting members are opposed to it even though the non-voting members are in favor of it. If my life absolutely depended on winning this election, I would keep my support for OMOV a deep, dark secret. However, I have other things in life and I prefer to state my true position, even if it costs me the election.

I believe that Bill Goichberg is simply too chicken to support me, even though I support him. I do not know the reason why he refuses to support me.

As to whether I am winning, I do not think anybody really knows who is winning. The big problem as I see it is that while many members oppose the Dorsch-Warren-Redman-Holliman group, no alternative has emerged. I was expecting that there would be a Camaratta group which would rise and do battle with the Dorsch group. It is possible that they are waiting for the end of the campaign period in late June and early July to rise and go forth to conquer, but so far they have been virtually silent.

So, I suppose that Dorsch is winning. If Dorsch wins, there is almost no doubt that Cavallo will immediately resign or be fired and the USCF will be a rudderless ship. This worries me greatly, as I do not think that any qualified person is going to want Cavallo's job. One person whose name has been mentioned as a candidate has told me unequivocally that he has a good job already and he has absolutely no interest in having Cavallo's job.

So, I think the USCF may be in deep trouble, deeper than anybody imagines right now.

Sam Sloan

On 10 Jun 1999 23:30:44 GMT, (EmpireChes) wrote:

>> just a joke
Sam I can't tell the jokes from the non-jokes in your writing. lots of times what you say seems like a joke and I'm not sure--like the stuff about cheating at a shogi tournament?? Use a smily face or something for those of us who don't get it.

How come no other candidates support OMOV? You say nobody supports it openly, but which ones support it secretly? You have been a strong supporter of Bill, and he is OMOV, so why wont he support you!? or Immitt!?? Would you tell us which other candidates you think are for OMOV, or should we just vote for the ones Bill and Immitt tell us to and hope that they can convince everyone to put in OMOV with you if you get elected? Do you think you are winning, or who is winning? Sometimes it seems like the whole election is about Dorsch and Bill, and Bill isn't running for anything so I don't know why.


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