Letter my mother was forced to sign after being kidnapped

At the time that my mother was kidnapped in Bangkok, Thailand on September 3, 1990, she had a suit pending against several lawyers who were involved in efforts to freeze her bank accounts and to kidnap her and her granddaughter, Shamema.

That suit is posted on the Internet at http://www.samsloan.com/momssuit.htm.

In one of the most despicable acts imaginable, as soon as they got her back to America, they forced her to sign letters dismissing her suit against them.

Here is one of the letters she was forced to sign. Compare her handwriting here with her normal handwriting as shown on her letter at http://www.anusha.com/marj.htm

It is obvious that when she signed the letter here dismissing her own case against the lawyers, she was in weak condition and barely able to hold a pen to write.

Note that the lawyers, while claiming that she was incompetent, used her signature on these letters to get her case against them dismissed.

Such an obvious case of self dealing with a person not even able to sign her own name was what got attorney Roy Cohen disbarred from the practice of law.

This letter says that she was not aware of this action. However, this was obviously not true, because each of the affidavits she had filed in that lawsuit had been signed in the presence of a United States Consular Officer as Notary Public.

Also, the suit sought to lift the freeze on her frozen bank account, something which she obviously wanted.

This is one of eight identical letters, one for each lawyer. The fact that all eight lawyers submitted these letters to the court proves that they were all in on and involved in the kidnapping of Helen Marjorie Sloan.

Here is the letter.

10 September 1990

Edmonds & Williams
8 th and Court Streets
Lynchburg, Virginia 24505

Dear Sirs:

Prior to my receiving a copy of a "Notice of Appeal" this month, I was unaware of Case Number 680CL89014877-00 listed as myself against 17 defendants. I would therefore like to request that this action be dismissed.


Helen Marjorie Sloan

CC: Barbara J. Gaden
Killis T. Howard
Leighton S. Houck
Edmonds & Williams
Thomas S. Leebrick
William G. Petty
Frank G. Davidson

Letter my mother was forced to sign after being kidnapped
Letter my mother was forced to sign after being kidnapped

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