Letter from Sovran Bank to Dr. Marjorie Sloan

In January 1987, my mother, while in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, wrote some checks on her bank account in Lynchburg, Virginia. They all bounced.

When she called the bank, they told her that her bank account had been frozen. She found out that Massie Ware, an official at Sovran Bank, was responsible.

Here is the letter that Massie Ware eventually wrote her. Note that not only did he freeze her bank account, but he refused even to send her a copy of her own bank statement.

Also, he assured her that her automobile insurance has been paid. This was because her son, Creighton, had stolen her car, since he had difficulty having a car in his own name due to being in a large number of automobile accidents. Since my mother had a good driving record, her insurance rates were low and for that reason Creighton wanted to drive her car.

He refused to pay her telephone bill however, and for that reason she could not call to America to complain that he had stolen her money.

Fourteen years have since passed. The bank account is still frozen. Creighton has never advanced her any money from her own funds. My mother has never been able to get a hearing in court or a copy of her own bank statement. Judge Miller says that he has disqualified himself from the case, but no other judge in Virginia has been willing to take this case.

The original of this letter from Massie G. Ware of Sovran Bank to Dr. Marjorie Sloan is posted in JPG format on the Internet at http://www.samsloan.com/fromware.htm

Sovran Bank

February 18, 1987

Dr. H. Marjorie Sloan
P.O. Box 2507
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Dear Dr. Sloan:

We have received your telegrams and regret to advise you that Judge Miller's order leaves us no recourse but to follow Creighton's instructions regarding disposition of the assets outside of the trust. As you know, the trust itself has been frozen.

As the State Department may have informed you, as trustee, we are unable to advance you any funds. I would urge you to contact Creighton regarding a return to the United States, or to arrange a monthly living allowance until such time as you decide to return home. As to the matter of payment of utilities, Creighton, acting as attorney in fact, assures us that all of your bills are current, including your auto and homeowners insurance and Real Estate Tax bills. The sole exception is your telephone bill, presently past due at $1,767.83. Creighton has thus far refused to pay this bill.

Upon Creighton's written instruction, we will be more than happy to forward a copy of your bank statements to you at your Abu Dhabi address.

I hope that you understand that our hands have been tied on this matter. I have discussed this issue at some length with our legal counsel, and we agree that Judge Miller's ruling is clear, that Creighton has been given full control of your assets until such time as you are able to prove to the court that you are capable of managing your resources.


Massie G. Ware Jr.

Assistant Vice President


Sovran Bank, N. A.
801 Main Street, P.O. Box 600, Lynchburg, Virginia 24505-0600
Telephone 804 528. 2400

Letter from Sovran Bank to Dr. Marjorie Sloan
Letter from Sovran Bank to Dr. Marjorie Sloan

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