Osama bin Laden - Another Old Friend of Ismail Sloan Makes the News

As soon as I saw the first picture, I was sure I knew this guy.

I am not positive but I feel almost certain that I know this man. I believe that I had lunch with him in the New Meran Hotel in Peshawar, Pakistan in the Summer of 1981.

He did not say much and ate with his fingers. He said in very limited English that he bring money to the Afghan freedom fighters. As he was a young man, I assumed that he was the envoy for some big shaikhs. It did not occur to me that he might have his own money.
Osama bin Laden

I wish one side or the other would help me get my kidnapped daughter back. After all, the mother of my daughter is an ethnic Afghan from an area near to Jalalabad where Osama bin Laden has some of his facilities.

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