Abdul Khaliq says he did not Eat the Horse

At 08:57 AM 6/15/2005 +0100, Abdul Khaleq wrote:

Hello my friend Smail sloan how are you I have send you Email 2 months before but no answer was able I am concerent about you hope that you are not in the American jail because you like it from before from kabul I infrom Ahtar khoistani about your web mension and he sents you greetings he is in kabul now, please answer my letter, Abdul Khaliq, 15-6-05

I am very happy to hear from you. Are you the Abdul Khaliq from Village Krakal in Bumboret? I believe that the Ahtar Khoistani to whom you refer is Akhtar Jan who was with me in jail in Jalalabad Mahbas in 1978.
Abdul Khaliq near his home in Bumboret, Chitral, Pakistan

No. I am not in an American Jail. I am sure that they would like to put me in jail just to shut me up, but since that did not work the last time they know that this time they will either have to let me go free or else kill me.

I am very happy to hear that Akhtar Jan is alive because I was just thinking about him yesterday and I figured that he must be dead. As you know, very few people got out of that jail alive and in fact he did make it out because I met him alive with you actually in 1981. He later asked me to write a recommendation letter for him to go to college in England. I wrote the recommendation letter but never heard from him again.

A few other people from Jalalabad Prison who I would be interested in knowing their fate were:

Abdullah Khan a European Man from either England or Switzerland who was obviously mentally ill. He was claiming to be an Afghan from Kandahar even though he spoke only a few words of Pashtu. The Afghans thought he was a spy but I knew that to be ridiculous because even the CIA under Deep Throat would not have sent a mentally ill man to be a spy. Of course, I did not dare to point this out because the Afghans thought that I was a spy too and Deep Throat might have actually sent someone like me. Most of the Afghans here in New York who knew me in Afghanistan (there are many here as I brought one of my fellow prisoners to America and he brought more than 60 of his relatives to America) still to this day think that I was a spy. The good thing about this is that they respect me for this.

Abdullah Khan Iman Dar was transferred with me from Jalalabad Prison to Demazang and from there to Puli Charqi. I believe that he was probably executed there. Nobody ever heard from him again. If he turns up alive it would be noteworthy. Check the insane asylums.

A prisoner who got out of Jalalabad Prison alive was named Abdullah Jan Nuristani or something like I cannot remember exactly. He had long reddish hair and always talked about Islam and never about any other subject. He would come to me preaching Islam when a more pertinent and interesting subjects was how to get out of this jail alive. Anyway, he did get out because in 1981 I met him in a Nuristani refugee camp in Chitral. He recognized me and started preaching Islam again. He could not speak a word of English.

Another prisoner in Jalalabad was Pandit Mahmad from Puli Bisut in Kasamabad near Jalalabad. He spoke some English and tried to help me when I was in jail.

There was another man in Jalalabad Prison who spoke some English. I do not remember his name but perhaps Akhtar Jan remembers.

Another prisoner was named Anwar. I played him a lot of chess games in prison and of course I won every game. He later got out and was killed in battle fighting for the Mujahidin. This was mentioned in the New York Times. Richard Strand knew him.

If you can ask Akhtar Jan to inform me of the fate of these and other prisoners and prison guards in jail with us, it would be appreciated. I believe that I met Najibullah, who later became President of Afghanistan, in Jalalabad Prison when he was a high officer in the Khad and he came through to review all the prisoners. Please ask Akhtar Jan if this is true, if Najibullah was ever there, because I often claim that I met Najibullah and we all know what happened to him. He was hanged.

Please tell me, and this is very important, what ever happened to Afiyat and Sunik, especially Afiyat. I often think about them because I tried very hard to get Afiyat to go with me to America and she refused but Sunik agreed, but in the end I could not take her either so instead I married Honzagool.

You know this story very well because you were right in the middle of it. I do wonder if these ladies realize that they missed the opportunity of a lifetime and if they have any regrets. The reason I often think about this is that if I had married one of them I would not have married Honzagool, who later got involved with the Osama bin Laden Gang, and so the entire course of my life would have been different.

You might be interested to know that Afiyat has become a very famous person on my website. There are several hundred page views of her picture and her story EVERY DAY on my websites. Afiyat ranks right up there with Anna Kournikova in terms of the number of people who read about her every day on my website. Too bad she never let me take a good picture to show what an outstanding beauty she really was. She is probably old, fat and ugly now. Please let me know if she or Sunik have any kids.

Please tell Afiyat that I plan to make a Made-For-Television movie about her story, starring of course Afiyat herself, especially the part about how she later on got caught in a sex scandal having wanton sex with two Kalash Boys in the Chitral Mountain Inn Hotel.

Do not worry. You will get to star in the Movie too because you know the story better than anybody and nobody knows those mountains behind Bumboret better than you do, except possibly the father of Sunik who must be dead by now. (What was his name, by the way?).

I am not joking. I am taking a class in television editing starting on June 25. If I pass the course and if I can get a three chip video camera up to Bumboret without being killed or robbed, I will be able to make a great movie out of this story.

One more thing: There is a man who is vary angry because he claims that you ate his horse. He rode that horse all the way from Kabul to Bumboret, an amazing feat especially since it took place during the war, but then the horse died in Bumboret and he paid you a lot of money to bury the horse but he believes that instead you called a feast and you and your villagers cooked the horse and ate it!

Now, tell me the truth: Did you eat that mans horse or not?

I know that it would be impossible to bury a horse in Bumboret. The ground is so rocky there that you cannot even bury a human there, much less a horse. Also, I know that the Kalash, unlike the Muslims, do eat horses, so if you ate the horse I consider it to be commendable and nothing wrong with it.

Nevertheless, I (and the world) want to know: Did you eat the horse, or not?

I am looking forward to receiving your reply.

Haji Mohammad Ismail Sloan

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