My Lost Babies

Although I have seven babies and one more on the way and due on October 27, I shall never forget that I have lost almost as many babies along the way that I know of, and perhaps more that I do not know about.

It has happened at least five times that a woman was pregnant or appeared to be pregnant with my child and yet the child was never born. Here are those five times:

Passion Julinsey
Passion Julinsey
Just Two Little Squirts
I remember them by their mothers. In order of occurrence, their mothers were Iranganie Edin, Christy Bukid Mendoza, Linda Duavis, Dayawathie Rankoth and Passion Julinsey a/k/a Pachuan Wongsrikul.

Iranganie Edin and Christy Bukid Mendoza both tested positive for pregnancy, but a few weeks later their pregnancy tests turned negative. I have always wondered if these were spontaneous abortions, or real abortions or simply false positives.

Linda Duavis was a tragic case. Our baby had a condition known as hydatidiform mole, or "h-mole" for short. This condition seems to be most common among Filipina women and Linda was a Filipina.

Dayawathie Rankoth is the mother of three of my children. She was pregnant with our fourth child when Sister Theresa Courtney found out about it. Sister Theresa Courtney had encountered Dayawathie in June, 1991 when she was pregnant with our daughter, Anusha. Dayawathie was on her way out the front door of a hotel to get into our car. I was going to take her and our two children to our home in Virginia.

Dayawathie had recently arrived in America and spoke almost no English. Somehow Sister Theresa Courtney tricked or induced her to go out the back door instead of the front door. Theresa put her and the children into a closed van and took them away to parts unknown for four years. Dayawathie and I had no way to find the whereabouts of each other.

I found Dayawathie through the Internet four years later in April, 1995. Michael and George had become unruly and difficult to manage, so she asked me to take them to California where I was living.

One month later, Theresa found out about this when I enrolled George and Michael in school. The California school notified the New York school, which improperly told Theresa. Theresa had two lawyers working for her organization named Rosemonde Pierre-Louis and Dorchen Leidholdt. She got Rosemonde and Dorchen to have me arrested in California and the two boys extradited to New York. Once in New York, she had Dayawathie taken to an abortion clinic to have our next child aborted. Theresa said that because she is a Catholic nun, she could not take Dayawathie to the abortion clinic herself, so she had co-worker take her instead. The abortion took place on July 7, 1995. I know the date because I have seen the appointment slip scheduling the abortion and the doctor's bill after the abortion was performed.

The last lost baby was inside Pachuan Wongsrikul a/k/a Passion Julinsey. She claimed that she was not pregnant, but I believe that she was. Her period was more than one month over due. She claimed that she had not missed her period, but since I had been sleeping with her and having sexual intercourse with her almost every night, I knew that she had not had a period in more than two months.

I must admit that I was not entirely without fault in this matter. Although we had sex frequently, she never took birth control pills. She insisted that I use condoms or the withdrawal method.

She often said that if she got pregnant she would have an abortion. That is what I believe happened and why she hates me so much, even though I was as nice as I could be to her.

The earliest on the list above was Iranganie. She became pregnant or at least tested positive for pregnancy in 1988. In April, 1988, I had to take Dayawathie to California to give birth to Michael. When I returned about three weeks later in May, 1988, Iranganie was not pregnant any more. I do not know what happened. It might have been a spontaneous abortion. On the other hand, I know that she had asked Rustam to give her some pills to stop the pregnancy. I asked Rustam about this and he told me that he had brought her some regular birth control pills which are available without prescription in the UAE. However, as far as I know, birth control pills would have no effect on a woman who was already pregnant.

At just this time, the "morning after pill" RU-486 had come into existence. This was difficult to obtain in the United Arab Emirates. Still, I have always wondered. Did Rustam provide Iranganie with the Morning After Pill and thereby kill our baby?

After arriving back from the trip to California where I took Dayawathie to give birth to Michael, I never had sexual intercourse again with Iranganie. She ran away about a week after I came back and I never saw her again. However, I consider it highly likely that she is still in the United Arab Emirates, as she definitely did not want to go back to Sri Lanka.

Christy Bukid Mendoza was an opposite situation. Like Iranganie, she tested positive for pregnancy but the tests turned negative a few weeks later. However, I have no regrets about not having a child with her.

I met her on a flight to the Philippines in June, 1988. She was being deported from the UAE. She was outgoing and personable. When I came again to the Philippines a few months later, I found her, brought her to my hotel room and had sex with her. We then made a plan that I would bring her to the United Arab Emirates as my "wife" under the new name of Christy Bukid, so that they would not know that she had been deported previously.

This turned out to be a mistake because once I got her to the UAE she turned out to be promiscuous. She scandalized my family. Often people would tell me that they had seen her riding down the street in the car of an Arab man. I found a love letter she had written to an Arab man in her suitcase.

When I found out that she was pregnant, I was concerned that the baby might not be mine. Of course, I had had frequent sexual intercourse with her, but I suspected that everybody else in Abu Dhabi had had her too. Christy demanded that I get an abortion for her. I refused. I was going to insist that she have the baby in the off random chance that it might be mine. Her pregnancy tests turned negative a few weeks later, so it was reasonable to suppose that she had had an abortion. She could easily have gotten one of her Arab lovers to pay for the abortion. I had her deported from the UAE a week or two later.

This incident had unfortunate consequences, because the following year when I brought another Filipina to the UAE, the Philippines Ambassador Fortunado D. Oblena got ahold of her. No doubt what had happened is that Christy Mendoza had told him bad things about me, so he decided to arrest my next wife. However, Christy Mendoza and Linda Duavis were totally different. Christy was obviously promiscuous and had had sex with many, many partners. Linda was a good girl who would never do that and was probably or almost certainly a virgin when I first met her. Also, Linda was devoted to me and I am certain she would still be with me today had she not been arrested. Christy only wanted money from me and would probably have had sex with any man willing to pay her price.

I have photos on my web site of Iranganie, Linda, Dayawathie and Passion. I do not have a photo of Christy, however.

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