Passion Isara Julinsey

The Case brought by Passion Julinsey has been dismissed.
Passion Julinsey
Light of My Life, Fire of My Loins, My Soul, My Passion


Name: bystander
Sent: 5.55 PM - 12/27/2002

I actually know Passion and her family. She is a very smart girl, but has a tendency to date old men. I do not like Passion personally, she is not very friendly and kind of weird actually. Sam, FYI, Passion is no longer in the country and planning to get married soon.


Name: Carol

Sent: 8.22 AM - 11/18/2002

This is really scary - I happened to be looking for a judge that I clerked for and came across this. I can't tell you how outraged I am. Passion happens to be a good friend of mine (we went to law school together) and I had met Sam and actually stayed with them when I was in NY. I can assure you that everything Passion says is true - this was strictly platonic (Sam is at least 40 years older than her!). He was her mother's friend's friend who offered her a place to stay when she decided to come to NY. I didn't realize she had to put up with this much stuff -Sam definitely needs help. This site is really scaring me....

I know exactly who the above person is, and her comments are interesting and important for a number of reasons. Sam Sloan

Sensational News for Passion: Viagra: The new Wonder Drug for Women: But only men are allowed to have it!

This will finally get her attention: What do you think of Passion Isara Julinsey? Express your opinion in the guestbook! (You can be sure that she will read this).