Ex-Party Order of Rawalpindi Family Court declaring my wife to be divorced from me

In the Court of ch. Shauket Nawaz Gul
Judge Family Court, Rawalpindi

Suit No. 8 of 1984

Mst. Honzagool (Khunza Gul) daughter of Late Habib-ur-Rehman residing c/o Pak-Anjuman-e-Khawteen-e-Islam,
100 Harley Street, Rawalpindi,

( Plaintiff. )


Mohammad Ismail Sloan (formerly Samuel Howard Sloan ) s/o Leroy Bayfield, resident of 917 Old Trents Ferry Road, Lynchburg, Virginia, Va 24503, U.S.A.

(Defendant. )

Claim for:- suit for Dissolution of Marriage

Plaint presented on 4-7-1984

This suit coming on this day for final disposal before this Family Court; it is ordered that the suit is decreed ex-party in favor of the plaintiff and against the defendant. The plaintiff will forgo her right to claim the remaining deferred dower from the defendant in lieu of decree of dissolution of marriage as stated above she has taken the ground of Khula in her plaint. The parties are left to bear their own costs.

Costs of Suit


Rs. 320

Given under my hand and seal of the Court this 1st day of June, 1985

/s/ ________________________
Judge Family Court

The situation of my marriage in Pakistan has caused controversy there. My wife was stolen away from me by her cousin, Aziz-ur-Rehman, taken to Rawalpindi, a place where she had never been before, secretly divorced from me ex-party and married the same day to a man she did not know, who was the lawyer who obtained the divorce, all this time leaving me with our child, Shamema, which the mother had effectively abandoned. For the reasons why this "divorce decree" is legally invalid, see: Reasons Why the Decree of the Rawalpindi Family Court divorcing Honzagool from me is legally void and that Honzagool is still my wife .

More than 100 articles have appeared about this in the newspapers of Pakistan. The Pakistan press refused to publish my side of the story and continues to refuse to do so to this day. For a typical example of one of those articles, see: Daily Nawa-i-Waqt for 6 October 1983 . For my reply to a person named Zaman who challenged me on this, see: Reply to Zaman .

For a photo of Honzagool being prepared for marriage to me, see: Preparations for Marriage .For two other photos of Honzagool, see: Honzagool . For a photo of the family of Honzagool, see: Family of Honzagool in Chitral, Pakistan . For a photo of me and of our daughter Shamema, see: Shamema .

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