1998 World Youth Championship Results from Marina d'Or, Spain

The World Youth Championships were held in Marina d'Or, Spain from October 25 until November 7, 1998.

It is important to monitor such events because invariably the top finishers almost all will become grandmasters and a few will someday contest the world title. The next world champion in the post-Kasparov era will probably be one of the kids at Marina d'Or, Spain.

There were a total of ten groups and ten world championships. There were the Boys under-10, boys under-12, boys under-14, boys under-16 and boys under-18. There were also the girls under-10, girls under-12, girls under-14, girls under-16 and girls under-18.

Ties were broken so that each section had one winner. Here are the winners:

SectionPlayers WinnerCountry
Boys Under-10101 ROMANOV, Evgeny RUS
Boys Under-1299 RADJABOV, Teimour AZE
Boys Under-14104 BU, Xiangzhi CHI
Boys Under-1692 KHAMRAKULOV, Ibraghim UZB
Boys Under-1891 PERT, Nicholas ENG
Girls Under-1073 NEBOLSINA, Vera RUS
Girls Under-1284 KONERU, Humpy IND
Girls Under-1479 KOSINTSEVA, Nadezhda RUS
Girls Under-1677 WANG, Yu CHN
Girls Under-1866 SHELDON, Ruth ENG

Altogether, there were 876 players in the ten sections combined, a fantastic number especially since in general each country was limited to just one player per section.

Here are the last round results and final standings in each of the ten sections:

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