========================================================= Olympia Conference Centre, London, August 21-29 1999

The prize fund for this year's Mind Sports Olympiad has been set at 100,000 pounds. There may also be some additional prizes to be announced later. In addition to the cash prizes the leading players will also receive the traditional MSO gold, silver and bronze medals. There will be additional medals for the leading juniors in each tournament.

The prize funds for some of the games are listed below. All figures are in pounds sterling.

Chess 20,000

Bridge 10,000

Go 8,500

10x10 Draughts 8,000

Othello 7,000

Chinese Chess 6,000

Scrabble 6,000

Shogi 5,000

Stratego 5,000

8x8 Draughts 4,000

Memory Skills 3,000

Cribbage 2,000

Dominoes 2,000

Intelligence 2,000

Prize funds for other games will be announced in due course. The detailed tournament schedule will be announced on our web site ( http://www.mindsports.co.uk ) in early June and printed entry forms will be available shortly thereafter.

For further details please visit http://www.mindsports.co.uk and/or contact David Levy at dlevy@intelligent-group.com

To contact the organizer, please send e-mail to David Levy at the following address: dlevy@intelligent-group.com
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