Who is she and why was Monica worried about her?

She wasn't worried about Hillary. She wasn't worried about Cristy, Elizabeth, Gennifer, Paula, Kathleen, Nancy, Debra, Marsha, Sally or Dolly, but Monica Lewinsky was worried about this woman. Who is she and why was Monica worried about her?

This is a quiz based on photos I have collected which never quite made it onto my web site, so I have made a quiz out of them. What are these photos of?

1. For more than one year, this girl has consistently been the most popular personality on my web site. Who is she and what does she do?

2. This woman could not make it as a Playboy Bunny, so she became a federal judge instead, after being turned down for US Attorney General. Who is she?

3. President Clinton is shaking hands with a woman. Who is the woman?

4. Here is a photo of a perfectly properly dressed Japanese girl. Yet, we all know exactly what she is doing. What is this girl doing?

5. This is an ugly picture of something very beautiful, which all men need to study carefully. What is it and why should men study it?

6. Who is this man and what will he be doing in January?

7. What is this building and why has it been in the news?

8. Who killed this little girl? (This question is too easy, but I wanted to throw in an easy one, to give my slower readers a chance.)

9. What will this man be doing in January?

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