Black Oscars awarded by Dimitrije Bjelica

Every Year that notorious international chess journalist Dimitrije Bjelica awards "Black Oscars" for outstanding achievement in chess. Here are the latest recipients of that distinguished award.

Dear Mr. President,

In the a1 letter I explained why Campomanes and Makropoulos got Black Oscar, now in a2 letter I will explain who are the other winners of Black Oscars. Every letter will be in the next number of the World chess review edited by Karpov and me. In my site you will se cover page of No3-4 with you and me in Laussane photo. Also you will see that the mascote of children's Olimpiads 6 years Lav Grigorije, chess prodigy has a shirt with your photo.
Dimitrije Bjelica
Dimitrije Bjelica

As I am an author of 80 books with 180 editions, 35 videos and CD I can afford to be sponsor of the children's olympiads and the children's team of Yugoslavia. You and me are the only from chess world who give our money for children-chess.

I gave black Oscar to the Union Bank of Sarajevo, BiH where Fischer and me gave our money to the saving bank. Many times I asked the bank to give me my 8000 dollars, I send them a certificate from Linares hospital where I paid for children during the first children's Olympiad in 1993. But they did not give me my money back.

2. We gave Black Oscar to the Children's Embassy from Sarajevo , who organized 4 simultaneouses for Karpov and me in Bosnia but never paid, instead of 20,000 dollars as it was confirmed we got only one thousand.

3. Karpov and me had contract with club Jedinstvo Hivokomerc Stara Pazova, Yugoslavia, Karpov played for them, I gave my books. They did not pay any cent, in contract it was 12,000 dollars for Karpov for a year ,and for me 6000 dollars.

4. Chess club Agrouniversal, Yugoslavia, did not pay to Karpov 2000 dollars.

5. The Council of Belgrade had a contract with our Committee of Children's Olympiads and they broke the contract. They did not pay Karpov for the satellite match.

6. For the Olympiad in Sutomore 1996 where played also Kalimikia, You appointed me as the main arbiter, my deputy was Mr. Bebcuk. The org comm. offered me 20 German Marks and I refused. To day I was in Yu chess federation and the new secretary told me: We shall pay you if FIDE confirms that the Olympiad was under FIDE.

7. Karpov and me wanted to organize in Belgrade this year the Olympiad and from Chess federation of Yugoslavia to the town's council came a letter that the olympiads for children are not under FIDE.

8. Karpov and me gave all the material for the stamps of champions to Yugomarka Belgrade, They did not pay any cent, they made a pirate edition and the director Mr Kilibarda put his name on the project.

9. The monetary house ZIN in Belgrade published coins with the logo of our Children's Olympaid, they are selling it and they did not pay to us.

10. In the towns house in Zemun we had our office and several thousand of the books and videos of our Commeette of children's Olympiads. Somebody took all our books.

11. In 1986, A. Matanovic, ex director of Chess Informant and president of Yu chess federation Mr. Selimovic forbid us to publish our Review in Yugoslavia and we published in Dubai. We gave them Black Oscar in my Novcel. Matanovic is one of negative heroes who smiled last time during Portoroze interzonal in 1958.

12. Three years ago They destroyed 3000 copies of our Review in Zin because they said there was mistakes, but the reason was that Chess Informant was against us.

All of them we gave Black Oscar. The same we gave to publisher Francisi from Abano Termne Italy, who never paid for my books, who published pirate editions of my books. who sold out all of my books.

Many regards from Dimitrije Bjelica, the founder and director of children's Olimpiads, and the World Chess Review.

Ten years ago, June 28th 1992. at 3.p.m Moscow time died Mikhail Tal, a great idol of my friend Eduard Gufeld, whom we called Edi. The last Tal's words were in Russian language to his wife Gelia - Vsjo. It's all over. Misha Tal had a chess board near his bed, and detective stories. Edi Gufeld had also a chess board bear his bed in a hospital in the town of angels. I don't know his last words, but I know that several days before he came to the hospital we arranged the match in my magic chess, where the dice shows which move to play. We agreed that it would be for the title of the world champion of writers. Also we agreed to promote our book in two volumes: A star from Baku about Kasparov and to promote my new documentary film a bout Nikola Tesla, Serbian electronic genius, because in LA my Serbian friend has a company Tesla Electronik.

But the fact is there is no promotion, no film, Edi lost his last life's game in Los Angeles hospital. He agreed to play that match in magic chess because in classical chess I would not have chances in spite of a rating of IM, and he agreed that three chess writers with the biggest number of the books Keene, he and me play for that title. (Every of us around 100 with videos and CD) We arranged the date 29th of September in Los Angeles. But instead of that match on 29th of September will be memorial Olympiad in magic chess of the writers of the world. We have 20 countries, two boards. In team of Russia will not be Edi, but we shall play in his honor.

We were together in every Olympiad from Munchen 1958 to Istanbul 2000 and every match for the world championship and every great tournament. Both of us liked to travel and both of us visited every continent with a chess board. The same as Tal he had a wonderful sense of humor. When I was in Karpov's camp in London 1986. I gave him my book Karpov against Kasparov with the cover photo Karpov, Kasparov Gufeld. In order to be polite with him he said: Look at this photo, two genius and Kasparov. Of course he wanted to be in a good relations with Garry and he said to him: Look at this photo two genius and Karpov. He gave me all the games of Kasparov for our book which we published in Belgrade two volumes, l000 pages. When Tal translated my book The chess reader into Russian and Hort into Czech language Edi sent me his game against Bagirov, from the semifinal USSR ch. 1963 and said This is a present for your book the most beautiful game of the century. Yes, it was really the truth, but he wanted to be modest and send me his fastest defeat. It was against Vasjukov in Kislovodsk in 1968.

Gufeld - Vasjukov 1.e4 Nf6 2. e5 Nd5 3. d4 d6 4. Bc4 Nb6 5. Bb3 de 6. Qf3 e6 7. de a5 8.c3 a4 9. Bc2 Bd7 1o. Qg3 Bb5 11.Bg5 d5 12. Nd2 Nc6 13. Nc4 and Edi resigned very soon.

The same as Mikhail Tal Edi was popular all over the world. Max Euwe said once: If I did not have enemies it would seem to me that I did not live. But it looks like that Edi did not have enemies, but always sense of humor and nice words. We spoke about that and he told me: You also have no enemies.

- and he started to laugh when I told him: When I played Guens simul in Subotica 1007 against 312 opponents the speaker said: We knew that Bjelica has so many opponents in the world but we did not know that there are so much. When Luis Rentero, my Spanish friend, said: I always drive you and Gufeld with my new Rolls Royce and we answered together: It is not good because our enemies in Russia and Yugoslavia did not see us.


Edi won many brilliances with his magic bishop on g7 and he told me: Dimitri, my Bishop on g7 is like your magic chess where the luck decide. We are lucky

Yes, dear friend Edi, we did not know that you will lose the last game of your life in LA. far from your native Ukraine. In the next number of our World chess review we shall dedicate you not only Writers Olympiad but also Oscar post mortem for art in chess and humanity.

Good bye my friend, I am in a hurry on the way to Los Angeles for the last meeting with you.

Dimitrije Bjelica Dear Mr. President,

A3 is a black square. I saw that you chosen Mr Abundo for the Fide marketing chief. He is talent to spend Fide money not to earn the same as his boos great Campo. In one of my 40 documentary videos abut Fide, which I gave to you when you become president I filmed persons who made only bad moves for Fide Campomanes, Matanovic, Macropulos, Abundo. Do you know that they have red in their life less books than I wrote, 19o editions of books, 4o videos, and CD, LP. I made videos and books about every world champion, my interviews with Fischer on video had more copies than videos of beautiful Madona.

It is nice that you organised Botvinniks memorial, but nobody invited me to show the film about him and to present the books in Spanish, Serbian, I do it gratis as you saw in Elista Olympiad. Every evening where my films about champions. All gratis.

The difference between these four gentleman and me is they know better to spend FIDE money than me, I know better to earn. I sponsored Yugoslav children's team in every olympiad I got many prizes and helped children's chess. My question is when these four Fide men gave any cent to Fide or to anybody else except their pocket

When I paid all the expences for the Yugslav children's team in Artek , my chess federation said that they did not consider that team as the official Yugoslav team

(because the team was from the opposite town, during Milosevic ) Do you know how they agreed to be the official team. I returned from Artek and in oner hand I had a pirate cheque on 10000 dollars. I said : Mr. Ilymzinov gave me these money

for the federation, but you did not recognise the team as the national team. The secretary said : Of course , we recognise, it is nice to get so much money from Fide. (They forbid the Yu team to play in Belgrade, because they do not like Karpov and me.)

If you recognize Mr Abundo as the chief of marketing he can spend lot of Fide money ,if you recognise me Fide will get lot of money from my books, videos, CD.

All I described in my new novel, but as you saw in my book " Travelling and asking" which get the prize book of year in Yugoslavia I wrote very nice about you. You deserve it but you have to choose the team who knows how to work.not how to spend Fide money but to get the money.

Many regards

Dimitrije Bjelica. Guenes recorder 312 games one defeat, 1997 Subotica, World record blinfold simul 56 games Igalo 1997.

P.S For the money I received for Guiens record I covered all the expences for the children's Olympiad in Belgrade. In my Olympiads children have four star hotels gratis. In Novi Sad European rapid children had to pay last and this year 25 euros every day. It is difference between me and my chess federation and Europian chess federation.

Dear Mr. President,

Yesterday I sent to you A3 letter, black square. Today is A4 White square.This is a letter about my friends Gufeld and Fischer. I orgasnize Writers Olympiad in Belgrade in Memory of my friend Gufeld, on 29th of September, 2o counties . The next number of our World chess review , 350 pages is out 3oth of september, is dedicated completely to Gufeld. In LA I will play match vs my friend Saidy in Bjelica's magic chess and all the prize fund we give to Gufelds family.I hope that FIDE will give some money for the Family . Also I will play a simul in LA for his Family. As I helped Gufeld for the briliancy prize at the Olympiad I propose that the next brilliancy prize at Bled has his name but all the money of brilliancy prizes to be for Gufeld's family. I will get some money for that and I offer to be in the jury.

As for another my friend, I send the letter to the USA Embassy in Belgrade to help me to organize humanitary simultan in New York for the victims of the Trade Center.

As you can see at my web site the first photo is from the top of the Trade center. I made there several films, I filmed match Anand - kasparov and made video casset about it. I would like to give as a present to the players on my simultan the families and friends of the people who died there. As you know I have Guenes record 312 games simul and 56 games blindfoild simul, only one defeat each simul. I would bring a new English edition of the book by Fischer and me "Chess meets of the Century" to give as a present. I ask you to play the first moves at my simul there and also to play four games against me in my magic chess for the victims of Trade center and for the Gufeld's Family. You played against Fischer , you helped him.

Yesterday on the Yugoslav TV I explained similarity with Bobby. When in 196o I was Gligoric's second in Madrid, I played there two touranaments with wonderful results. My chess federation put out my name from the federation because Yugoslavia did not have diplomatic relations with Spain and I celebrate 4o years fighting against bad policy of my chess federaion.

With best regards from

Dimitrije Bjelica , winner of four Oscars for chess literature and film, also Stauntons prize London, , the prize of towns Bugojno, Metz, Linares,four journaliustic prize in Yugoslavia for 9o books with 19o editions and 4o video films,but never get a sign of Yu chess federation which costs 25 cents.because of critics, I also critizised Fide before you came and small dictator Campo put out my name from the list of international Arbiters in Novi Sad 199o.But history of Fide and chess I am writing with my friends chess writers. tell that to the four FIDEMEN about whom I wrote to you yesterday. In the print is my Chess dictionary with the facts about all chess names.

Dear friend Saidy, It is nice to hear from you. You ask about Sarajevo , I left that town in 1986. and from that time I am in Belgrade. It was a year when Karpov played against Kasparov in London. I was in Karpovs camp as the press chief The police in Sarajevo ivestigated me six hours and asked how it is possible that you are in the camp of a Russian karpov against another Russian Kasparov when they have 300 million people. After that question I asked can I left Sarajevo and live in Belgrade and the next day I left. My daughter Isidora, most popular writer in Yugoslavia with 27 books, with the movie Belgrade - Manhatn, was investigated because during the party in our house the young generation of all nationalities spoke against Tito's celebrations and his birthday parties.

In my new novel which is in print I described it. I said : I belong to KGB and to FBI. Inspector said :Do you know what does it mean.

I said : Yes, Kgb means our chess club Karpov, Gligoric, Bjelica and FBI Fischer, Bjelica, Ivkov.

Moro Radojcic, our friend died, My review gave him Oscar post mortem ,I proposed him to get prize for journalism in Belgrade, but the prize got the member of the Jury , Mr. Cirilov, the man from the theater who likes more men than women.

I organizer in Belgrade 29th of September Olympiad of writers in Memory to our friend Gufeld because of that I can not come on the funeral in LA. I wanted to organize a match in LA in my magic chess, the dice decide the moves with the Tesla electronic and to promote my film about Tesla and the book Gufeld and me wrote about kasparov, but now we can do it without our friend. I dedicated all the new number of the World chess review to Edi, 350 pages, with his opening encyclopedia. We can play match, and also simultan, I have a Guenes record 312 games and all money to give Gufelds family.

I wrote similar proposal to the American Embassy to play simul for the victims of the Trade center. As you can see my first photo on my web is on the top of the trade center where I made several films. I will bring my videos about champions 6 videos 18 hours about every champion, and my video and CD about Fiuscher and the book Bobby and me wrote Chess meets of the Century and all I will give to the families of victims.

Waiting for your answer sincerely Dimitrije Bjelica bjeli@eunet.yu

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