Yasser Seirawan responds to Jim Eade Hate Mail

One of the remarkable things about US Chess Politics is that political appointees seem to think that they have a God-given right to a lifetime appointment to their respective positions.

Two who obviously believe that are Jim Eade and Steve Doyle. Eade and Doyle are perhaps the two most disliked chess politicians in the USA. If they tried to run for office, they would not be elected to anything. Nevertheless they have been viciously attacking anybody who suggests that it is time for them either to voluntarily step down from their appointed positions, or be removed.
Jim Eade drunk?
Jim Eade having a drink during a break in the FIDE Delegate'e meeting in Istanbul

Here is Yasser's response to Eade's latest Hatemail attack on him.

In a message dated 8/15/2002 11:44:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Yasser Seirawan writes:

Subj:RE: Jim Eade Email
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Dear Don,

Thank you for forwarding me the messages below and the good chuckle they prompted. How to respond?

I suppose in Jim Eade's world, Einar Einarsson also hates E. S. Doyle? Jaime Neto Sunye, Guenther Lowenthal, indeed all the various FIDE Delegates that criticize E. S. Doyle must also hate E. S. Doyle? I must also hate Jim Eade and Bill Kelleher, after all why else could I possibly criticize them and call for their immediate removal from office? It certainly comes as a great surprise to me that due to a silly slight I'm now a hate monger. Is this the very best explanation for Einarsson's message to be offered? Sadly his defense is all to typical of Jim Eade. Ignore facts, insult and attack the messenger(s). Compare messages and ask a simple question: Is Jim Eade the type of person that USCF EB wants as an ambassador of chess? As a Zonal President? This is the fellow we want speaking on behalf our the USCF? I truly hope not.

It is quite sad that in his response, Jim Eade didn't allow for other possibilities: Could it be that many people have very valid reasons to remove our FIDE Team based on their actions? Could I actually care deeply about the state of chess in America as well as our standing in FIDE? Isn't it possible that as chess is my profession, I should care?

The facts are that our FIDE team have alienated many, even to the extent that outstanding individuals such as Einarsson are willing to publicly speak out. The USCF EB should not ignore Einarsson's message, or those of others, which I've presented to the USCF EB. These messages, from respected individuals, could easily become a loud chorus of voices. It doesn't bother me in the least that my opinion could be ignored, however, it does trouble me deeply that the USCF EB could ignore Einar Einarsson's.

It all comes down to a simple choice: do nothing and proclaim ourselves satisfied with those who represent US Chess players and the USCF or state, "Gentlemen thank you for years of dedicated, selfless, joyous, service we are all deeply grateful but it is simply time for a change."



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Dear EB:

In a message dated 8/15/2002 12:14:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time, JimEade writes:

Subj:Re: Was Seirawan also brainwashed?

Hardly. Yasser has his own views. Yasser has hated, and I mean hated, Steve Doyle for many years over some silly perceived slight. Yasser started sending me hate e-mail after I was appointed Zone President, before I had even attended my first meeting!

Yasser's boycott approach was wrong. No active US GM joined him. It wasn't until he got involved that he made a difference, and that's what I had been telling him all along! He's miffed that we didn't support his no confidence motion, and he's still holding a grudge. Evans has seen that side of Yasser too.

Best Regards,


None of the above addresses the substance of Yaz's points which are either correct or not. What in the world does hate and Evans seeing another side of YAZ (he looks good from both sides from what I can see) have anything to do with what he brought to the attention of the EB. What Yaz says stands or falls on its accuracy -- period.

I've added Yasser's name to the copy list here as he wasn't copied on the "Jim Eade Yasser Hates" email I received. I've also added Bill Goichberg's name to the copy list.

Don Schultz

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