World's Worst Porn

I have absolutely no artistic talent at all. I have never drawn a picture in my life. Yet, for some unknown reason, my kids seem to be artistically inclined. Two of my children are recognized artists and all of them seem to like to draw.

Yesterday, I decided to try and see if I could created my own porn with Photoshop, which I recently obtained. I took three pictures and cut and pasted them. I came up with this.
The World's Worst Porn

I agree that this is really bad, but I think it has potential. Would somebody please help me make this into an acceptable picture, or tell me how to do it? I need a free lesson.

I think that the basic elements are here to turn this into some good rocks-off porn.

Kindly help.

It is one of the wonders of modern technology that now even the most inept of us can create our own porn. Nobody needs to waste their money in porn shops anymore.

The down side is that guys don't need girls any more, and girls don't need guys.

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