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Do you suspect that your wife or girlfriend is fucking behind your back?

If so, hire us and we will find out for you.

To be eligible, she must have an e-mail address where we can contact her. Be sure to send us her picture.

We will need to know from you exactly what you want. Do you just want to know if she is receptive to men who might want to fuck her, or do you want one of our studs to take her out on a date or do you want us actually to fuck her.

Remember that almost every woman can be fucked if sufficient effort is made, so you will probably not want us to go to great lengths to fuck your wife or girlfriend. You probably just want to know if she is easily fuckable: If she has been cheating on you.

We will provide you with pictures of her fucking on request.

If you are a woman, we will arrange for a beautiful girl to try to fuck your husband or boyfriend and report back the results, with photographs of course.

We need to know what is your exact purpose and reason. For example, some men just want to get revenge on a former girlfriend by getting her seduced, fucked and dropped. We may or may not be willing to perform this service, depending on your reasons and intentions.

We do not have a price list. Charges are determined on a case by case basis.

We do not fear competition. Here is a list of some of our competitors, although they may not provide the full range of services that we do.

If all you really want is to get your wife or girlfriend fucked, we will do that for you, but you have to pay. This ain't cheap.

We will send a young handsome man to seduce your wife. If that does not work, we will send an older man who appears to have a lot of money. If that still does not work, we will send another kind of man. If that still does not work, we will send a woman.

We will keep sending men and women until finally at long last somebody fucks your wife. Eventually, every woman will succumb. There is no woman in the world who can resist every possible kind of temptation.

We will provide pictures, of course.

(This sounds like a good idea for a movie script.)

However, just because you finally catch your girlfriend on video fucking some other guy, do not feel that you have accomplished anything great. Just remember that every woman does it, sooner or later.

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