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I still have the "silver certificates" and the dumb book.

Do you still have your daughter?

Tom Dorsch

I am glad you like the book.

I still have my daughter. I speak to her every day. I spoke to her three times yesterday.

Sam Sloan

Scam- The daughter I am talking about is Shamema. Bring us up-to-date on the soap opera. You were arrested on Wake Island, you said, as you re-entered the US after one of your sex tours of Southeast Asia, and taken to jail in New York for a hearing on your violation of the custodial orders? At that point, Shamema was reunited with her mother in California, and you are now hanging out at a mark's apartment in New York?

Do you call her in California?

Tom Dorsch

You have everything 100% completely backwards.

In June, 1988, I flew to Guam Island (not Wake Island) from Abu Dhabi, where I was living with my mother and my daughter, Shamema. Jessica was with me on that trip, but she was inside the oven.

I went to the US Attorney's office in Guam. I told them who I was and asked them to arrest me. I did that on purpose, because Guam is the furthest point from Lynchburg Virginia which still has a US Attorney's office.

They did arrest me and held me for two hours, but then let me go because Bill Petty, the Commonwealth Attorney for Lynchburg Virginia, could not get the money to pay the airfare for me from Guam to Lynchburg. Also, he had no case.

I then proceeded with Jessica's mother to Oakland, California, where she waited until she gave birth to Jessica. I then went to Philadelphia and played in the 1988 World Open Chess Championship. I then returned to Oakland, where I picked up my newborn son Michael and his mother Dayawathie and took them back to Abu Dhabi.

On October 7, 1990, Shamema was kidnapped in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates by agents of Charles and Shelby Roberts, who are members of the Falwell Group. Shamema was taken by the Falwellites to Madison Heights, Virginia, which is opposite Lynchburg. Incidentally, Madison Heights has been in the Washington Post in the past week. That is the location of an institution for mentally retarded which is famous for conducting programs of forced sterilization. I believe that either Charles Roberts or one of his family members was an escapee from that institute for mentally retarded, because he is clearly a profoundly stupid man and he lives less than two miles from that institution. Nevertheless, he was smart enough to be able to kidnap my daughter and hold her prisoner for the next ten years.

I immediately came back to the USA in an effort to recover my kidnapped daughter. In August, 1992, I was arrested in San Francisco on an obviously bogus charge of trying to kidnap my daughter back plus failure to appear for a trial which had never been scheduled, which was an even more bogus charge.

I was not taken to New York. I was extradicted to Lynchburg Virginia, where they assigned the judge most famous for handing down death sentences in Virginia. He bragged during the trial that he had passed death sentences on all five Bryerly Brothers. Judge Lumpkin has probably had more people executed than any other judge in America.

Fortunately, they only could get the jury to give me five years. I got out on parole in March, 1994, after only 19 months. I was the very last person paroled when the new Governor of Virginia fired the parole board and effectively abolished parole. Apparently, the parole board realized that I was essentially a political prisoner. They were not happy about being fired, so they decided to parole me.

I remember that when this happened, Tom Dorsch sent an instant message to Elliott Winslow saying, "Sam's loose?"

My daughter, Shamema, has never been re-united with her mother to this day. In August, 1982, Honzagool, the mother of Shamema, went back to her native Pakistan to visit her family. She said that she would come back in two weeks, but she never returned. From that day, Shamema has never seen her mother.

Shamema effectively escaped from the Falwell people by joining the Marines when she turned 18. However, the escape was not complete, because Charles Roberts has a Time Share Apartment on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, which is right next to Parris Island where Shamema took her basic training in the Marines. I believe that Charles Roberts was in the Marines himself and used his Marines buddies to keep tabs on my daughter.

However, last week Shamema wrote me that she believes that she is about to be transferred to Arizona. I believe that she will really get her freedom there, because Charles Roberts might be arrested for kidnapping if he comes to Arizona.

Shamema was never adopted by the Falwellites. She still has the Sloan name. She now often calls herself Honzagool, which is her middle name as well as her mother's name.

Sam Sloan

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