First Slam on my Campaign for US Congress

I suppose it is a sign that I have finally made the big time when the first article appears attacking me in my campaign for US Congress.

That article was published last week in thirteen Brooklyn neighborhood newspapers with a combined circulation of 314,000 including "Flatbush Life" and was posted today on the web at
Erik Engquist Article in Flatbush Life
Erik Engquist Article in Flatbush Life

I am not complaining because I consider any publicity to be good publicity, but the article is somewhat misleading. For example, it mentions articles I wrote about sex orgies at the University of California at Berkeley. The readers were not informed that the sex orgies in question took place in 1966 and I wrote the articles in 1967 and since no known babies were produced from these sex orgies it hardly matters now. That was after all "The Sexy Sixties".

These articles will make it a lot harder for me to get on the ballot but I believe that if I do get on the ballot I can and will win this election. Do the Republicans really want another two years of Ed Towns with his straight Democratic Party Line mindless votes, or would they rather have me who would vote with the current administration most of the time provided only that it agrees to balance the budget and to bring our troops home? (Fat chance!)

Sam Sloan

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The aforementioned article appeared in the following newspapers: Bay News, Caribbean Life Brooklyn edition, Park Slope Courier, Canarise Digest, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hills, Flatbush Life, Great Kills Village Courier, Kings Courier, New Dorp Star, North Star, South Shore Star, Staten Island Star and Staten Island Ettingville-Annadale American

Combined circulation 314,000

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I have filed three petitions for a Writ of Certiorari in the US Supreme Court. All of the petitions I have filed seek to be reinstated on the ballot as a candidate for US Congress for the Tenth Congressional District of New York.

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