Sam Sloan for Congress in 2004

I am running as a Republican Party Candidate for United States Congress in the 10th Congressional District of Brooklyn, New York. The 10th Congressional District comprises all or part of the neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Crown Heights, Brownsville, Ocean Hill, East New York, New Lots, East Flatbush, Flatlands, Brooklyn College Campus and Canarsie. Here is a Map of the Tenth Congressional District, in PDF format.
I live in East New York, in the 40th Assembly District. Here is a Map of the 40th Assembly District, in PDF format.

Sam Sloan
Sam Sloan is Running for Congress in the 10th Congressional District of New York
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As a man of high ethical and moral principles, I only accept campaign contributions from certain kinds of people. In order to be qualified to contribute to my campaign you must be a real person, not a corporation, you must be a US citizen or a Green Card holder and you must not be a federal contractor. Also, I will not accept more than $2,000 (two thousand dollars) from any one person.

The incumbent Congressman from the Tenth Congressional District of Brooklyn is Edolphus Towns. He has held that seat in Congress for 22 years. He is 70 years old this year. His seat has not been contested by the Republican Party for many years. He states that when he retires he will pass his seat on to his son, Darryl C. Towns. He is a respected member of the Black Caucus, but I feel that he does not provide good representation on other issues. He is so inactive that most residents of the Tenth District do not even know that he still represents them. Click here to see if you reside in his district.

Here are my qualifications:

I am 59 years old. I was born in Richmond, Virginia. I am married. I have eight children. My wife is Japanese. I reside in Brooklyn, in the East New York neighborhood. I have worked as a securities trader and as a taxi driver. I have also worked in real estate development. I know the city very well. I scored 800 on my math college boards. I attended the University of California at Berkeley, majoring in math. I am a licensed Notary Public. I currently sell books I have written plus pictures of old movie stars on the Internet.

I argued orally a case before the United States Supreme Court which I won 9-0. I am the last non-lawyer ever to argue a case before the United States Supreme Court and the last non-lawyer ever to win a case before the United States Supreme Court. Please look it up: SEC vs. Samuel H. Sloan, 436 US 103 (1978).

I am the author of four published books: "The Slave Children of Thomas Jefferson", "Chinese Chess Beginners", "Khowar English Dictionary", and "How to Take Over an American Public Company".

I teach chess. I am a long time rated chess expert, rated by the United States Chess Federation, although lately my rating has fallen to Class A. In 1988, I won the World Championship of Chinese Chess for non-Chinese. I lost the title in 1990, however. I am very well known in the world of chess.

I have been to 78 countries of the world and I speak 15 languages. I speak Spanish virtually fluently. I also speak Chinese, Russian, both major languages of Afghanistan, Khowar, some Urdu, some Hindi, some Japanese, some German, some Arabic, plus of course English. Sad to relate, I have forgotten most of my Icelandic and Hungarian but I used to be able to speak those languages as well. If I can get all the Spanish speakers, plus all the Chinese, Russians and Afghans to vote for me, I can win election.

I am of Irish, Swedish and Scot origin. My earliest ancestors came to America in 1772. My most recent ancestor came to America in 1873. Two of my ancestors served in the American Revolutionary War, one on my father's side, one on my mother's side. I have done extensive research on my family history. I have traced my earliest my Scot ancestors back to about 1700 and my earliest Swedish ancestors back to before 1600. I am a descendant of King Erik XIV of Sweden (1533-1577).

I support small government, low taxes, low spending. The budget MUST be balanced. I realize that this puts me at odds with an important elected official who supports deficit spending. This spending must be brought under control.

My daughter is a Lance Corporal in the US Marines and served in the war in Iraq. She is back from the war now and just got out of the US Marines on April 21. I realize that many people disagree with me on this issue, but I feel that the war was necessary. I know many Afghans, because I speak their languages, and every Afghan I know was in favor of the US invasion of Afghanistan. I feel that the US must maintain a strong military. However, I am completely opposed to any more planned invasions of foreign countries.

My mother was a medical doctor. My father was a lawyer. My family has a strong military background. Five of my uncles were officers in World War II. One of my uncles fought in the Invasion of Iwo Jima. Another uncle fought in the Battle of the Bulge. Yet another uncle was a B-29 pilot who flew 30 bombing missions over Japan. He flew on the mission but in a different airplane that dropped the A-Bomb on Nagasaki and on August 30, 1945 he landed the first US airplane in Japan after the Japanese announced that they were surrendering. I beat the draft, however.

I favor free enterprise. I oppose all economic regulation. I oppose rent control and rent stabilization. I oppose almost all programs by the government to take children away from their parents. I want to greatly reduce if not abolish all foreign aid. I realize that some of these positions are unpopular. I will try to keep my mouth shut, when necessary.

I believe that the war on terrorism is important but not at the loss of our civil liberties. I am very interested in civil rights and civil liberties, especially the rights of the elderly. I am opposed to government surveillance of our Internet communications, detentions without trial, national guardsmen in the subways and police barricades around Police Plaza, especially in view of the taxpayer expense of these activities. Right now, the federal income tax brings in $ 1.7 trillion, and yet we have deficit spending. This must be greatly reduced. As they say, a trillion dollars here, a trillion dollars there, and pretty soon we are talking about real money.

Sam Sloan

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Sam Sloan
Sam Sloan is Running for Congress in the 10th Congressional District of New York

I have instituted proceedings to validate my petitions. In New York Election Law there are two kinds of proceedings. One is a proceeding brought by your opponents to kick you off the ballot when the Board of Elections has put you on the ballot. This is called an "Invalidating Petition".

The other is a proceeding to put you back on the ballot after your opponents have filed an objection and had the Board of Elections kick you off the ballot. This is called a "Validating petition".

I was listed as a candidate on the New York City Board of Elections website until a few days ago when my name was taken off. This is because the Board of Elections kicked me off the ballot. Now, I have filed validating petitions with the Brooklyn Supreme Court. I expect to take this case up, possibly even to the highest court of New York State and then to the highest court of the United States. Many other candidates were kicked off the ballot but so far none of the others have filed an appeal. My appeal will apparently be the first. Of course, if I win, the other candidates who were kicked off the ballot for similar reasons will probably file appeals as well.

I have posted and will continue to post my court filings to my websites. This is for the convenience of other candidates who may want to copy and use them.

I have filed three petitions for a Writ of Certiorari in the US Supreme Court. All of the petitions I have filed seek to be reinstated on the ballot as a candidate for US Congress for the Tenth Congressional District of New York.

Here are the petitions I have filed in the United States Supreme Court, in HTML Format:

Here are the same three petitions exactly as filed in downloadable PDF Format:

Here are the same petitions on the US Supreme Court website:

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I have filed in the United States Supreme Court. Here are:

Here is what I had filed thus far:

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