Bush wins first debate by wide margin

The debate just finished and I think everybody will agree: George W. Bush won.

Bush started the debate with a big disadvantage: He looks just like Alfred E. Newman of Mad Magazine fame. He basically looks stupid and he fumbles with his words and he always wears a stupid-looking blue tie.

However, John Kerry, worse than looking stupid, said stupid things. Again and again, Kerry made statements which are just ridiculous.

For example, Kerry asserted that if he is president, North Korea will cease to be a nuclear threat.

How does he plan to do that? Has he forgotten that we already fought a war with North Korea? Does Kerry plan to fight another one?

Similarly, Kerry said that he will end the nuclear threat posed by Iran by imposing sanctions against Iran. This made me laugh. How could anybody make a more stupid statement?

Kerry proved the Bush case. Bush kept saying that Kerry keeps changing his position. This was proved by the fact that, throughout the debate, Kerry kept changing his position, right before our eyes. Kerry kept saying that the War in Iraq was a mistake, but then said that Saddam Hussein had to be removed. Apparently, he was saying that we should have formed a coalition with the other major powers. Does Kerry seriously believe that Russia, Germany and France would ever have joined with us in an invasion of Iraq?

The moderator asked Kerry directly what was his plan to end the War in Iraq. Kerry flipped, flopped around. He repeatedly told us he had a plan, but never told us what his plan was. Instead, he told us to look at his website, http://www.johnkerry.com , to find his plan to end the war.

I have not looked but I will bet that it is not there either.

Finally, Kerry showed a lack of knowledge of history. Kerry said that we should enter into bi-lateral talks with North Korea. Does not Kerry know that ever since 1953 when the Korean War ended, North Korea has demanded bi-lateral talks with the USA, leaving out South Korea, China, Japan and Russia.

I do not think John Kerry won a single vote with his weak performance tonight. A home run for George W. Bush.

Sam Sloan

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