Letter to TLC Administrative Law Judge Randy Frances Kandel

Samuel H. Sloan
39-75 56th Street, Apt. 5A
Woodside NY 11377-8904

(718) 305-0289

January 24, 2003

Randy Frances Kandel
2733 Netherland Avenue
Riverdale, New York 10463

Re: Sloan vs. TLC, Index No. 123003/2001
Re: Samuel H. Sloan, License No. 5081212

Dear Judge Kandel,

You are the administrative law judge in a case against me brought by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission. You conducted a hearing in July, 2002. This hearing was held at the order of Judge Diane Lebedeff of the New York Supreme Court, Case number 123003/2001. I enclose a copy of the order of the court for your reference.

In spite of conducting a hearing seven months ago, I still have not received a decision on the case, either from you or from the TLC. The TLC has a history in this case of deliberately sending me decisions to the wrong address. This is the reason why, when I was before you, I made a point of informing you of my correct address.

However, a more likely explanation is that the TLC has simply decided not to decide the case. The TLC has had a personal vendetta against me for the past several years. Even though I have a clean record as a taxi driver, the TLC is determined to make an object lesson out of me by preventing me from driving a taxi. I had to file a motion to hold the TLC in contempt of court and then to go back several times before Judge Lebedeff, before finally the TLC under threat of being held in contempt agreed to go forward with the hearing.

I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt in that you seemed not to be aware that the hearing before you was held pursuant to an order of the court. I am surprised that you did not know this, because you are a practicing lawyer and this case was publicized on the front page of the New York Law Journal. However, now you know.

This is to notify you that if you do not proceed to issue a decision forthwith I shall go back to court again and move to have the TLC and you held in contempt of court.

Also, since the TLC's proceedings against me are clearly part of a personal vendetta, and this case has now been going on for nearly two years, during which time I have not been able to work, I shall be considering filing a case against the TLC and against you in federal district court.

Very Truly Yours,

Sam Sloan

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