Leong says he is back in again

Dear Chess Friends,

On 30 July, I submitted the attached proposals for the agenda for the Bled Congress. These proposals were made in my capacity of FIDE Zone President. According to the Statutes, proposals made by a FIDE Official and submitted within the deadline must be included in the Agenda. These proposals can also be found on the website www.fide-reform.org which is still very much alive.
Ignatius Leong
Here is a picture I took of Ignatius Leong in Singapore in 1988. Grandmaster Eugenio Torre is standing in the red shirt. Leong is to the far left and leaning forward. Others in the picture are Singapore chess officials.

As Presidential Candidate, I have also insisted that the Moscow Agreement to be tabled before the election. It was in the spirit of obtaining 2/3 majority to endorse the Moscow Agreement, failing which, the Agreement does not hold.

After the Agenda was published on 24 September, there has been some email exchanges between me and the FIDE administration to rectify the Agenda. Unfortunately, the FIDE General Secretary refuses to place both the above items for discussion during the elections. In addition, he claims to have consulted the Steering Committee to exclude the proposals for FIDE (Individual) Elections.

Before taking legal action through the Court of Arbitration in Lausanne, I appeal to anyone who has in-depth knowledge of the FIDE Statutes to advise me. My position is that the General Assembly has the right to vote on the proposals for Individual Elections. If the proposals are rejected, then the General Assembly has the right to vote on the Moscow Agreement. And if this is also voted down, then there remains a contest between the two Presidential Tickets.

With best regards, Ignatius Leong

In November, 2002 an election will be held for President of the World Chess Federation ("FIDE"). Here are photos of the candidates.

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