Leong claims he is still a candidate

Here is the Leong Proposal. Leong claims that the Kirsan Group agreed to this and, based on their agreement, Leong withdrew as a candidate for FIDE President.

Leong further states that the Kirsan Group have since then reneged of their agreement. Therefore, according to Leong, he has not withdrawn as a candidate.
Ignatius Leong
Here is a picture I took of Ignatius Leong in Singapore in 1988. Grandmaster Eugenio Torre is standing in the red shirt. Leong is to the far left and leaning forward. Others in the picture are Singapore chess officials.

I would like to hear opinions on this.

Sam Sloan

PROPOSALS FOR FIDE ELECTIONS by Ignatius Leong, Zone 3.2a President

1. Election for the offices of President, Deputy President, Vice President, General Secretary and Treasurer shall each be made individually in the order as stated herein.

2. A candidate may be nominated on Nomination Day for as many offices as he wishes. Once elected, his nominations for the remaining posts shall be withdrawn.

3. A federation may have not more than two elected candidates filling the above five offices.

4.1 If the above proposals are accepted, these amendments shall immediately become effective for the 2002 elections. In such case, nominations shall be re-opened and the deadline for nominations shall be at 1200 hours on the second day of the General Assembly. The full list of nominations shall be announced at 1500 hours.

4.2 At 0900 hours on the third day of the General Assembly, a roll call shall be made. Elections 2002 shall begin at about 1000 hours. Where necessary, the Continental and Zonal Elections shall be held on the fourth day of the General Assembly.

Reasons :

5. It has become a known fact that for Ticket Elections, the period up to the Election Day were unproductive due to candidates spending their time and energy on politicking rather than service to FIDE and the chess world. Individual Elections allow delegates to vote for the best individual candidates with the best abilities to serve FIDE. Good candidates who dislike politicising are encouraged to come forward to serve FIDE as individual candidates.

6. Ticket Elections do not permit a good candidate from being nominated on more than one ticket. It forces politicising which had have been unhealthy in FIDE for several years. There may be more than one good Presidential candidate but because of Ticket Elections, only one candidate prevails. FIDE thus loses the services of the other candidates.

7. Proposal 3 allows more than one good candidate from a federation to serve FIDE. In the end, it is for the delegates to decide by their votes whether they wish to have another candidate from the federation to be elected.

8. If the proposals are accepted, it is only logical to effect the changes immediately than to lose another four years.

With best regards,

Ignatius Leong

In November, 2002 an election will be held for President of the World Chess Federation ("FIDE"). Here are photos of the candidates.

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