An Evil Woman is Finally Dead

No, I am not talking about you-know-who. She is still alive, although not for long. There is yet another evil woman, Linda Williams Groome who, I have just been informed, died in October, 2002.

Linda W. Groome kidnapped my daughter, Shamema Honzagool Sloan. She was not the main kidnapper, but without her involvement the operation would never have been successful.
Linda W. Groome
Linda W. Groome

Do you think that I am going to mourn the death of a person who caused so much turmoil and destruction in my family. Am I sorry that she died? I am sorry that she lived so long. She should have died much sooner.

Such an evil, monstrous and despicable human being cannot be imagined. Of course, she did it for the money. She got paid $30,000 for her role in kidnapping my daughter.

There were others. Among the kidnappers of my daughter, Frank Davidson, Bill Petty, Lawrence Janow and Michael Gamble are still alive.

An important point to remember: Criminals like Linda W. Groome, like Frank Davidson, Bill Petty, Lawrence Janow and Michael Gamble, may get away with their crimes, and may never be punished in their lifetimes, but after they are dead they will always be remembered for what they did.

What follows is the exchange of IMs which informed me that Linda W. Groome was finally dead:

Sam Sloan

Karli Johansen: is this sam sloan?
Samhsloan: Yes.
Karli Johansen: i have looked at your website several times
Samhsloan: Are you my relative, because I have relatives named Johansen?
Karli Johansen: no, i am a former student of linda groome
Samhsloan: A student where? Where does she teach?
Karli Johansen: she actually past away in october
Karli Johansen: passed
Samhsloan: No doubt you have read what I wrote about her.
Karli Johansen: yeah, she was a great lady
Samhsloan: What happened? She was a young woman?
Karli Johansen: it would be my request that you remove that information
Karli Johansen: she had cancer
Samhsloan: Which information? That she kidnapped my daughter?
Karli Johansen: yeah, and about her prostituting her way through law school
Samhsloan: I was wondering why she was no longer listed as an attorney in Lynchburg?
Karli Johansen: it would mean the world to me
Samhsloan: Are you related to her?
Samhsloan: Are you in or near Lynchburg?
Karli Johansen: no, she was just an amazing lady who really impacted my life
Samhsloan: She certainly impacted my life. She kidnapped my daughter.
Karli Johansen: well, i can see that this conversation isn't going to go anywhere- i just thought i would express my opinion
Karli Johansen: thanks for your time
Samhsloan: When you go around kidnapping somebody's child, you can be sure that it will not be forgotten.

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