Letter to Ms. Vickie Hunt

M. Ismail Sloan
917 Old Trent's Ferry Road
Lynchburg, VA 24503

June 3, 1992

Ms. Vickie Hunt
Lynchburg Circuit Court
900 Court Street
Lynchburg, VA 24504
Linda W. Groome
Linda W. Groome

Dear Ms. Hunt,

I have just received a copy of the latest outrageous letter from that prostitute turned lawyer, Miss Linda W. Groome.

It is fantastic that she says that I am in default and am not entitled to receive any further communications on this matter.

Miss Groome represents two of the most wanton and vicious criminals imaginable, namely Charles and Shelby Roberts. They have ruined the life of my daughter and destroyed my entire family just for the sake of advancing what they claim to be their religion. It is well known and easily verifiable that there is an Interpol warrant outstanding for the arrest of Charles Roberts on a charge of international kidnapping. Mr. Roberts himself freely admits that he paid twelve thousand dollars to have my daughter kidnapped and brought to America. He, his wife and their two sons are known to carry guns at all times and are extremely dangerous. It is only fitting that they have hired as a lawyer a woman who worked her way through law school by hooking. Now, they somehow claim that I am in default in a case which I filed myself.

Every morning, when I wake up, I think that I am dreaming. I cannot imagine that my little girl has been kidnapped by these deviant criminals and there is nothing that I can do to get her back. It is unbelievable that Mr. Charles Roberts has the full and free right to rape my ten year old daughter every day if he feels like it, and there is nothing which either I or my daughter can do about it. How is it possible that your judges are so crooked and corrupt as to allow such a thing? Why isn't Charles Roberts in jail for kidnapping right now? How is it possible that all this is happening? Most importantly, how much exactly were your judges actually paid by the church of Jerry Falwell to fix all of these cases?

Miss Groome states that my mail to 917 Old Trent's Ferry Road has been returned. No doubt she is aware that in reality my brother, Creighton W. Sloan, who is trying to steal our mother's house so that he can get the money, and who is also an ally of Charles and Shelby Roberts, somehow managed to get my mail stopped. I believe that now my mail has started again, but am not completely sure. I am not aware of being in default, but if I am in default it undoubtedly has something to do with my mail being stopped.

I have never received a copy of any motion for a default judgment filed by Miss Groome. In view of the situation with my mail having been stopped, I request that she be ordered to send me a new copy. At that time, I will be able to respond.

In addition, her letter mentions a Mr. John T. Cook. I am not familiar with this person and do not know his address. Therefore, I am sending a copy of this letter to his client, Sharon Haberer.

I am also including herewith a copy of my latest federal lawsuit in this matter.

Very Truly Yours,

M. Ismail Sloan

Copy to: Linda Groome, Sam Kerr, Sharon Haberer, Fred Hodnett

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