Ray Keene responds to accusations by David Levy

Dear Sam - Thank you for forwarding me this. Of course I never admitted any such thing! I was given full power by the MSO Ltd. board in board minutes of November 8 1999 to take any action on behalf of MSO Ltd. I am CEO Finance Director etc. --- I regard myself as having played this strictly by the book in terms of my authority to act.

MSO experienced some difficulties in the latter half of 1999. I refrain from specifying what they were for fear of damaging it in public. David appears to have no qualms in this area.

Raymond KeeneDavid Levy
Raymond KeeneDavid Levy
Raymond Keene
David Levy

All my actions - and I have both numerous witnesses and I believe majority board support - were taken with the view of saving MSO. David does not believe this but I have overwhelming evidence.

I have - sadly had to put the matter in the hands of my lawyers. It seems also from early versions of your site yesterday that David has mentioned murder attempts in this context. - That may have been a joke as he subsequently tried to explain to a few people but it does not say joke on the page we printed down.

This matter has become very serious and I would be grateful if you could maintain a balanced tone in your coverage and let the world know that I regard my actions as always having been legal - ethical - covered by board mandate and for the good of MSO. When the full truth emerges I think you will be amazed!! and perhaps a lot more sympathetic to my point of view.

With Very Best Wishes
Ray Keene

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