Keene accuses Levy of The Great Train Robbery

I thought that this was a spoof, a parody or a joke when I first read it, but apparently it is really true. Raymond Keene is accusing David Levy of involvement in The Great Train Robbery.

Raymond Keene is the Chess Columnist for the Times of London and has written more than one hundred chess books, more than any other chess author.

David Levy is also one of the most prolific authors in chess, having written more than 50 chess books.

Raymond KeeneDavid Levy
Raymond KeeneDavid Levy
Raymond Keene
David Levy

They used to be the best and closest of friends and Levy married Keene's sister.

However, recently they have had a bit of a falling out.

Here is Ray Keene's letter:

"On Thursday January 31 at 8-00pm UK Terrestrial Channel 5 there will be a crimography of Ronnie Biggs -the legend of Ronnie Biggs- featuring it says in the preview-interview footage with all the main players.

"It will be interesting to see whether and if so to what extent they acknowledge David Levy's role in ghosting Biggs' autobiography and David Levy's subsequent role in freeing Biggs from arrest in the Caribbean in 1981 and returning him to Brazil.

"Watch out for it!!

"All the best


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