Levy Finally Admits to Masterminding the Great Train Robbery

At last I have been unmasked. By a brilliant piece of detective work, fully worthy of Sherlock Holmes, my links to the Great Train Robbery have been uncovered.

As many of you will know the Great Train Robbery remains the most audacious crime ever committed in Britain. It took place on the night of August 8th 1963. Even though I was only 18 at the time and had been studying for my "A" level exams, I had spent the summer planning every detail of this brilliantly executed plan. My technological skills (and my "A" level Physics syllabus) came to the fore when I thought of using a Woolworths battery and a small light bulb, located behind the red plastic in the signals, to stop the train. Those of you who have read about the robbery will believe that Roger Cordrey deserves the credit for this masterstroke, but now you know.
David Levy
David Levy

Probably the hardest task of all was coming up with a convincing alibi in case I was arrested. Chess players amongst you will enjoy this. I entered for the British Boys under 18 Chess Championship in Bath. I had games on both the 8th and the 9th of August so on the evening of the 8th I went to my bedroom (I was staying in a B & B) having first made sure that the landlady saw me going upstairs. (I think of everything!) Once I was certain that everyone in the B & B was asleep I climbed out of my bedroom window, down a drainpipe and walked to the edge of the city where I had a rendezvous with a helicopter. I was flown to Bridego Bridge, near Cheddington, Buckinghamshire, where the train was relieved of its mail bags and 2.2 million. (Oh for the days when 2.2 million was a lot of money). When the rest of my gang went off to Leatherslade Farm I got back on the chopper and arrived at the B&B in Bath in time to climb up the drainpipe and get into bed before anyone was awake. When my landlady knocked on my door in the morning I opened the door so she could see me - how could anyone refute the fact that she had seen me going to bed the previous night and I was there bright and early in the morning?

As things went I did not need to use the alibi because I was never suspected of masterminding the Great Train Robbery. But it's always as well to have all your bases covered.

Channel 5 TV do not know of my involvement and so I wasn't interviewed for the forthcoming programme about Ronald Biggs. Nevertheless, I believe that it will be entertaining viewing.

David Levy

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