Levy Responds to the Response of Keene

Raymond Keene has claimed that at a Board meeting of Mind Sports Olympiad Ltd held last Saturday (April 8th) he was unanimously exonerated over the use of 50,000 of the company's money.

A Board meeting was indeed held in London on April 8th. It was called at very short notice (less than 48 hours) and I was unable to attend due to a prior commitment in Paris. In fact I was already in Paris when the meeting was called, but I accept that there were good reasons, unconnected with this issue, for calling a meeting at such short notice.

This issue is one of the matters discussed at the meeting, but no resolution was put to the Board and no vote was taken on this issue.

At the present time there are attempts being made within the company to reconcile this matter in a manner acceptable to all those involved. I shall therefore make no further public comment on the matter unless sorely provoked.

On April 11th Raymond Keene resigned from the Board of Mind Sports Organisation Worldwide Ltd. He remains CEO of Mind Sports Olympiad Ltd.

David Levy

Raymond KeeneDavid Levy
Raymond KeeneDavid Levy
Raymond Keene
David Levy

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