My Supreme Court Cases Derailed by Anthrax

I have filed three cases in the United States Supreme Court. Today, after getting acknowledgment from the post office that the cases had been received by the court, I called the court to find out the status of the cases and to try to obtain the docket numbers.

I was shocked to be told that my petitions and all other petitions had been taken off site to be inspected for Anthrax and that they will not be brought back to the court to be docketed for two or three more days.

Two or Three days!!! I am trying to get action before the election tomorrow. My petitions cannot wait two or three days.

I am enraged. If I had known this, I would have taken the train to Washington DC and delivered my petitions for certiorari personally. Then, there would have been no delay for Anthrax inspection.

Why is there a two or three day delay for Anthrax inspection anyway? Why canft they just open the package, check it for Anthrax and deliver it back to the court an hour or two later?

Is Anthrax really such a problem that all court cases have to be slowed down because of this?

I demand a Congressional investigation of this.

Sam Sloan

November 1, 2004

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