Sure Sign that the War is about to Begin

Tonight, February 16, 2003, facing a deadline, I had to file a pleading in court. It was necessary for me to go to the New York City General Post Office in the middle of the night, even though there was heavy snowfall.

I trudged through the streets and through the piles of snow, trying to avoid a slip and fall.

However, when I reached the local subway station, I was surprised to find six heavily armed soldiers, each wearing camouflage uniforms and body armor and each carrying an M-16.

I asked one of them what was the special occasion. He replied that he was just there for security.

My trip to the post office required several changes of trains. At each train station I passed, I saw the same thing: Heavily armed soldiers carrying M-16s.

I had never seen anything like this before. In the immediate aftermath of 9-11, it was common to see uniformed military at places like Penn Station, where a million passengers come and go every day, but they were not so many or so heavily armed or to be seen at minor subway transit points.

Finally, it hit me. These soldiers are standing guard because the War is about to begin!!! The feeling is that as soon as we attack Iraq, Saddam Hussein will counter-attack us and will send in terrorists to shoot up the subway stations.

What made this so bizarre was tonight was a holiday weekend in the night of a snowstorm. There was almost no traffic on the streets and few passengers in the subway. There were almost more armed soldiers in the subway stations than anybody else.

I find the idea that Saddam Hussein would attack the New York City subway stations to be strange. I can see the possibility (however remote) that he might attack Penn Station, but would Saddam Hussein really attack the Roosevelt Avenue-Jackson Heights Station of the E and F Lines, where I saw many uniformed soldiers standing guard?

What this tells us is that the War is going to start RIGHT NOW !!! Why would they have the troops out tonight if the war is going to start only next week?

Sam Sloan

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