Chen Zude photo with Sam Sloan

Chen Zude was the first modern go player in China to reach the level of 9-dan. He revolutionized the opening theory of the game of go by inventing the "Chinese Opening".

He was born in Shanghai in March 1944. In 1960 he became the first Chinese player ever to defeat a Japanese professional 9-dan.

He retired in 1980 after being diagnosed with cancer. However, within a few years his cancer was cured and he came back and re-established himself as one of China's leading go players.

Chen Zude with Sam Sloan
Chen Zude photo with Sam Sloan

He has a photographic memory and his brain is said to be filled with all kinds of trivial facts.

In China there are three kinds of chess:

wei-qi which is go
xiang-qi which is chess. It is also called guoji xiangqi, which means "International chess".
zhongguo xiang-qi which is Chinese chess
Note that they all end in qi, which means chess in Chinese.

Therefore, Chen Zude is the most famous chess player in China. He is the President of the Chinese Chess Association, and represented China at the meetings of the General Assembly of FIDE, the World Chess Federation, in Istanbul, Turkey, from October 28 to November 12, 2000.

Here is a picture of Chen Zude with Sam Sloan. Standing to his right is his translator / interpreter Abigail Tian. This photo was taken during a coffee break during the meetings of the FIDE General Assembly.

Sam Sloan

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