Bush Fiddles While Sam Burns

I was just speaking to my daughter Shamema on the telephone. Shamema is in the US Marines and is an Aircraft Armament Technician. She loads bombs onto aircraft and every day they fly out and do target practice, dropping bombs on the Arizona desert.

Shamema and apparently a lot of other US Marines agree with me that the little kid in the White House does not seem to be doing anything about the situation in Afghanistan. Bush delivered a strong speech which somebody else wrote and since then has done nothing. We all realize that Baby Bush is terribly afraid that somebody might get hurt or even seriously injured if we take action against Osama bin Laden. However, it might be a while before economic sanctions have any effect, especially since Afghanistan has no economy.

We should have been in Kandahar already. Does not the idiot in the White House realize that more than one million people have died in Afghanistan since the war started, and that the deaths of six thousand in the World Trade Center is just a blip on the radar screen as far as Mullah Omar is concerned?
Osama bin Laden speaking on Television on Octber 7
Osama bin Laden speaking on Television on Octber 7, said, "God has blessed a group of vanguard Muslims to destroy America ... and may God bless them and allot them a supreme place in heaven."

I have a personal interest in this, because I know Kandahar better than I know Brooklyn, and I live in Brooklyn. If American troops were to land there, they could take Kandahar without a shot being fired, in my opinion. The Afghans are not going to fight. They fought the Soviets because the Soviet puppets, Taraki, Hafizullah Amin, Karmal and Najibullah, had executed their tribal and religious leaders, had burnt their homes and had driven them from their villages, while attempting to force a Soviet-style economy on them.

Even then, the Afghans were not really fighting the Russians. They were really fighting each other. Soviet troops had very few direct engagements with the Afghans. Rather, Soviet-sponsored Afghans were fighting other Afghans, starting in 1978.

Bush has moved around a few aircraft carriers. That is nice and really thoughtful of him, but it has been nearly one month since 9-11 and everybody is beginning to wonder if any actual action will be taken.

By the way, one of my letters on this subject was published in the Christian Science monitor, letters to the editor section, on September 27, 2001.

Sam Sloan

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