Sloan vs. Rudiano: Here is what I hope to achieve from my petition

My petition for a writ of certiorari has been accepted as filed by the United States Supreme Court.

My petition to the US Supreme Court is online at:

Several people have asked what relief I am ultimately seeking. The problem of course with my petition is that there is probably only limited relief available since the election has been held. As can be seen on the US Supreme Court website at , I filed my petition on October 28, 2004. However, initially, the US Supreme Court bounced it back because I had not included the written decision of the US Circuit Court of Appeals. The reason I had not provided the written decision of the US Circuit Court of Appeals was that it had not been written yet. It was not written until the next day, which was October 29, 2004. The reason I could not wait one day before filing was that I was trying to get my petition heard before November 2, 2004, which was election day. By the time the US Supreme Court got around to returning my petition, the election had already been held. It is now only theoretically possible that the court could order a new election.

However, any court decision in my favor would open the election process in the future to me and to any others who might choose to run. If you have read my petition, you will have seen that I am challenging the entire system by which candidates get on the ballot in New York State. I believe that this is why the New York judges refused to hear my petition, because New York State Court judges are elected through the same corrupt system that other candidates are chosen.

I doubt that my opponents will even try to raise the issue of mootness. My fall back position is that this would be "Capable of repetition yet evading review" as in SEC vs. Sloan, 436 US 103 (1978).

There are many other reasons why my case is not moot, so I will not likely resort to that position.

For one, it is unlikely that the Republican Party will ever accept me as a candidate again, as I have burned my bridges behind me by suing the Republican Party twice. I am just wondering however: Mayor Bloomberg will be running for election for Mayor as a Republican next year, but many Republicans are unhappy with him. Perhaps I should run as a long shot dissident opponent in the Republican Primaries against Bloomberg. I will need to win this case before the US Supreme Court if I want to run for election in the future.

My petition to the United States Supreme Court does not advocate specific changes in Election Law and I do not believe that it should at this date. It merely states that for several reasons I should not have been kicked off the ballot. However, it is obvious that if the US Supreme Court decides to review my case, it will result in major changes in New York Election Law. Specifically, the election system is notoriously controlled by the Party Bosses, just as it was in the days of Boss Tweed. In no other state is this true to that extent. If I win in the US Supreme Court, the party bosses in general and Diane Rudiano in particular will lose their power and independent candidates like myself will be able to run and win.

I an toying with the idea of running against Mayor Bloomberg for mayor next year. I am now officially registered as a Republican, so the Wilson-Pakula Problem will no longer exist. Mayor Bloomberg will be the official Republican Candidate for mayor, because no establishment Republican will challenge him. However, most Republicans do not like Mayor Bloomberg because Mayor Bloomberg is a Democrat. He just called himself a Republican when he ran in 2001, because the Democratic slot had been sewn up.

Actually, I like Mayor Bloomberg in many ways. He is certainly better than the fascist pig who preceded him. However, Mayor Bloomberg has done many things which make him vulnerable to defeat. He greatly raised taxes while cutting services. This directly affected me because I used to teach a chess class in the Queens Public Library. Mayor Bloomberg cut more than ten million dollars from the budget of the library. The funding for my chess got cut. I continued to teach the class as a volunteer for another year, receiving some money from donations, but mostly I was unpaid. Finally, I had to quit teaching because I was not getting paid and I needed to support my wives and eight children.

Next to the schools, the libraries are the most important thing for the education of our children. You should see how the libraries fill up as soon as school is out. Mayor Bloomberg claims to support education but in reality he does not. His interference with the Board of Education and his firings of many qualified and experienced educators and his claims to know more about teaching than the teachers know are serious problems with Mayor Bloomberg.

Besides, I know the city better than he does. I often pick up taxi fares in front of the guard post in front of his house. (Do you know where his house is? I do. It is next door to the house where they shot the movie "Cruel Intentions".)

Another reason why I might be the only person to run against Mayor Bloomberg is that I am not afraid of anything. This is not of choice but of necessity. I have received so many death threats over the years that I no longer am concerned about it. Just do a Google Search of "Assasination of Sam Sloan" and you will see a few recent instances. More serious threats in years past came from the same Pakistani Muslims who blew up the World Trade Center. I know them and they know me very well. I went into hiding from them for three years and repeatedly tried to warn the FBI about them, but nobody listened and so they were able to blow up the World Trade Center. Now, I sit bravely behind my computer using my real name and typing these diatribes and no longer worry about whether somebody might come and try to get me.

Sam Sloan

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I have filed three petitions for a Writ of Certiorari in the US Supreme Court. All of the petitions I have filed seek to be reinstated on the ballot as a candidate for US Congress for the Tenth Congressional District of New York.

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