Sam Sloan's Candidate's Statement in May 2005 Chess Life, page 12


2005 will be remembered as the Year of the USCF Election Fraud. Do not believe the fantastic claims make by some of the candidates here. Those who claim that they have saved the USCF have not done so and are actually trying to destroy it.

By the way, they are also trying to stop the publication of my candidates statements in Chess Life, so do not be surprised if you never get to read this.

The incumbent group running for re-election has embarked on a disastrous course, selling the building in New Windsor, New York which was supposed to provide long term security for the organization and firing, removing or replacing almost the entire office staff. The move to Crossville, Tennessee is a ridiculous, absurd and possibly even illegal scheme. There were many better offers on the table which the Board refused to consider. All this was done without even informing the voting members or the delegates, much less giving them the opportunity to vote on it.

The incumbent group is trying to lock-in the Crossville deal by July so that even if they are defeated for re-election, the deal will have been finalized and will be impossible to reverse.

The rest of the candidates, including myself, have no idea what the condition of the USCF will be by the time the new board is sworn in, so none of us can tell you what we will do when and if that situation arises and we are elected. The man who really did save the USCF was Bill Goichberg. Instead of praising him for his accomplishments, the incumbents are attacking him. They consistently give themselves credit for things that Bill Goichberg actually did which they had nothing to do with. They fired him or at least made it clear that he was about to be fired and replaced by one of their own. I have been involved in tournament chess for the last fifty years. My accomplishments in chess are so many and so well known that I usually do not bother to mention them. One fact not widely known is that I obtained the green card for the new US Woman's Chess Champion. Over the years I have helped many promising young chess players in many ways. I am known for this.

I have a legal and securities background. I have argued orally before the United States Supreme Court (and won)! I am perhaps the only candidate who is not involved in any chess related business and who is not trying to make money off of chess. You can be sure that I have no conflicts of interest.

If I am elected I will try my best to bring back the team that really did save the USCF. If I fail, you can be sure that I will tell you about it. I am not good at keeping secrets.

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