Apology to the wrong Mansoor Ijaz

Amazing but true. There are two people named Mansoor Ijaz. Both of them have Ph.D degrees in physics. But one of them has his degree at the University of Toronto and is a professor at Mohammad Ali Jinnah University in Islamabad, Pakistan.

I hereby apologize to the Mansoor Ijaz of the Crescent Group in Washington, DC, because it is obvious that the Mansoor Ijaz at Mohammad Ali Jinnah University is the man who wrote the threatening letters to me from BMUMO in 1982 and who wanted to marry my wife, Honzagool.
Mansour Ijaz
His name is Mansoor Ijaz, but he is not the Mansoor Ijaz of BMUMO Fame, he says.

I must thank the man who discovered this, who has asked not to be identified.

Here is the biography of the other Mansoor, as posted on the Mohammad Ali Jinnah University website. The only thing that would be necessary to make the proof complete is to have photographs of both of them and compare. What this proves is that the physics professor in America named Mansoor Ijaz who is often interviewed on the network news is not connected with Al-Qaida but the physics professor named Mansoor Ijaz in Islamabad, Pakistan is.

Sam Sloan


6. Dr. Ijaz Mansoor Qureshi
M.Sc. Telecommunication (Middle East Technical University,
Ankara, UAE)
Ph.D. High Energy Physics (University of Toronto, Canada)

Here is the: Reply of Mansoor Ijaz.

Here is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: Do you know this man? I do!.

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